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Happy Single: Selena Gomez Doesn’t Want a Relationship

Selena Gomez’s last love affair was quite a while ago. In the years 2011 to 2018, she was with superstar Justin Bieber (26) from time to time. However, she had apparently not found her Mister Right in the singer. Even the relationship with singer The Weeknd (30) in 2017 lasted no more than ten months – and so the 28-year-old now goes through life without a partner. In a new interview, she now speaks openly about her single status.

“I’m solo and that’s totally fine”, emphasizes the “Rare” interpreter to the NewMagazine. Being single would have a lot of advantages and the singer would enjoy them all very much at the moment. However, she has not yet completely given up her belief in great love. However, she is not in a hurry – instead, she prefers to wait calmly for the right man. It is important to her that her partner has a sense of humor above all else – she does not want to get involved with arrogant guys under any circumstances, she continues.

For Selena, it is not easy to date someone in public – which is one of the reasons why their previous relationships have not worked. “It’s not easy for me to share private life with the public – but I have to get used to it for better or worse”, admits the actress. However, the native Texan does not want to resort to dating apps.

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