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Cut Back For Kids: Angelina Jolie On Career Change

The times when you could admire actress Angelina Jolie (45) several times a year in award-winning films such as “The Tourist”, “Salt” or “Maleficent” are apparently over for the time being. The mother of six, who in addition to her character roles on the screen is also regularly behind the camera as a director and screenwriter, has taken her foot off the gas professionally. In an interview, she revealed her motivations for this decision: She wants to spend more time with her children.

Currently promoted Angelina her latest film “Those Who Whish Me Dead”, in which she plays a firefighter who is severely traumatized. A role that was like therapy for her, as she recently revealed. In an interview with Lorraine However, the ex of Brad Pitt (57) also talked about temporarily not wanting to shoot so much to be at home with her kids. “I made a few movies, but I was mostly at home. Those were very important years […], it really took me a certain amount of time to be at home,” she recalled.

These are the years when her offspring become adults and she is very happy to do her best at home, she continued. And that she implements this goal full of zest for action, she has recently proven again and again – for example, by going on excursions together with her kids.

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