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Crypto market report: This is how Bitcoin & Co. move on Wednesday | news

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 46,135.51 today, compared to $ 45,601.14 the day before.

The Bitcoin Cash price has risen. Bitcoin Cash gained to $ 607.60 after trading at $ 592.45 the previous day.


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The price of Ethereum rose to $ 3,225.97. The day before, $ 3,144.01 was posted here.

The Litecoin course presents itself as a plus. This is currently trading at $ 170.56. The previous day the rate was still at $ 165.64.

Ripple’s price rose to $ 0.8936 today, compared to $ 0.8505 the day before.

The Cardano rate has risen. The Cardano rate gained to $ 1.779 after trading at $ 1.672 the previous day.

The Monero price was trading at $ 276.37 on Wednesday. The Monero rate climbed above the previous day’s level of 266.75 US dollars.

The IOTA is up at $ 1.052. The previous evening, the rate of the digital currency was still $ 0.9780.

The Verge rate, meanwhile, continues to hover around the $ 0.0311 mark compared to the previous day.

The price of the digital currency Stellar rose to $ 0.3238 on Wednesday. The day before, the rate of the digital currency was put at 0.3103 US dollars.

The NEM course stagnates on Wednesday. The NEM price was quoted at $ 0.1940 after trading at $ 0.1891 the previous day.

The Dash course has picked up compared to the previous day. A Dash is currently worth $ 182.81. Yesterday the price was still at $ 176.12.

The price of the digital currency NEO is today at 48.85 US dollars in the plus. The previous day the price was $ 46.97. editorial team

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