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Britney Spears on Instagram: Locked in the bathroom in the middle of the night

Because the door could no longer be opened, singer Britney Spears was freed from the bathroom by her security service on Wednesday night. After he freed the 39-year-old from the bathroom in the middle of the night, she posted an Instagram post. Many fans suspect in the post a metaphor for the dispute over guardianship with her father.

Nightly bath ends in drama

In a detailed text – with a photo of her bathroom door – Britney Spears describes the situation: “At 2 o’clock in the morning I decided to take a bath. (…) I went to the bathroom (…), then I looked for my face wash, but couldn’t find it anywhere.” It took 15 minutes for her to realize that it might be in another bathroom. Britney Spears wanted to leave the bathroom, but: “Then I went to the door, and it was locked. I thought, okay, it’s a bathroom, I’m getting the damn door open, but no (…), the lock was jammed.”

If her partner Sam Asghari’s sleep hadn’t been so deep (“he doesn’t wake up even during earthquakes”), it might not have been such a drama. “I screamed HEYYYYY! Come on, open this stupid door!” writes Spears. It was only after the fourth time screaming that her boyfriend finally woke up. After trying in vain to open the door with a pen, Spears called the security service with her cell phone. “15 minutes passed and then they finally said they were sending someone over to open the door,” she writes. From then on, a difficult waiting time began for her: “Ten minutes later … Hello? Is there anyone? Then they told me it would take another ten minutes.” Spears had considered taking a shower in the meantime and tidying up the bathroom. “I stared longingly at the door and wanted it to open,” writes the 39-year-old. After the security service was at the door, “she opened … finally it opened”.

Behind this story, many fans now suspect a deeper meaning. Among the nearly 15,000 comments are phrases such as “Hmm, sounds like a metaphor about what is currently happening in their lives” or “A metaphor for finally open doors for you? Go Queen x”. Many users also comment on the post with the hashtag #freebritney, with which fans and friends have been expressing support for them for months. The background is the legal dispute with her father over her guardianship.

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