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Anne Hathaway: Is she (already) wearing the trend blazer 2021 here?

Anne Hathaway: Her rose blazer is one of the trends in 2021

For Anne Hathaway, 2021 is off to a really good start. She recently released her film “Locked Down,” in which she talks about the challenges of producing in times like these – a story that many feel connected to right now. The actress mentioned this and many other topics in an interview in which we couldn’t let the pink blazer she wore out of her sight – one of the trends of 2021.

Anne Hathaway, the star of “Locked Down”, impresses us (again) in an interview via Zoom for the “Late Night Show” with Seth Meyers, in which she talked in detail about her film “Locked Down” as well as surprising facts such as the fact that it was shot in just 18 days. Let’s remember that nowadays events from a distance, even if they take place frequently, do not allow us to look up close at the looks we wear. That’s why Anne Hathaway has limited herself to wearing a subtle makeup and elegant hairstyle, giving the blazer a twist to take away the boring.

Anne Hathaway wore this blazer in an interview for the “Late Night Show”

Is it possible to shine in a blazer? Yes, if you wear it like Anne Hathaway. The actress achieved this with a blazer from Dolce & Gabbana. The slim-cut blazer was crafted from a shiny fabric in a rose gold tone, with white piping on the collar, pockets and buttons to add more style to the garment that didn’t lose its charm throughout the interview.

To give us a clear idea of what this Dolce & Gabbana blazer with matching pants looks like, Anne Hathaway then posed with the complete outfit in front of her pool.

How to wear a pink blazer like Anne Hathaway?

Keep in mind that the blazer is usually a piece identified as one of the must-have pieces to achieve an unmistakable working girl look, but every now and then certain combinations have surprised us, just think of Bianca Jagger with a white blazer as part of her bridal look or the oversize blazer Julia Roberts wore at an Oscars. The blazer is much more than just a simple jacket in our wardrobe. It’s just important to know what the twist is that we can give it to breathe life into it.

Now the blazer is trimmed for “party mood” – combined with bright materials, feminine and novel styled. The trick lies in the art of tailoring, which the Italians master particularly well – and so does Dolce & Gabbana. Her blazer looks particularly good because its cut creates a certain harmony with the female silhouette.

A blazer like this is for days when you want to stand out from the crowd and leave the ordinary looks behind, but also for a romantic candlelit date at home. Although Anne Hathaway wears it without anything underneath, you can pair it with a white shirt or top. If you want to go a little further, then a cream-colored garment could add the rebellious touch you’re looking for. Shoes? Preferably in white or nude.

Now you know the tricks to wear a pink blazer (or tailor-made suit) in 2021 – inspired by Anne Hathaway, who confirmed that this will be one of the trends we shouldn’t lose sight of this year.

Here are 4 pink blazers that are guaranteed to keep you in the spotlight:

Single-row blazer in box form from &OtherStories, for 180 euros, over


Flowing double-breasted blazer by Mango, around 70 euros, over


Blazer with tie belt by Schuhmacher, around 470 euros, over


Shiny blazer by Dolce & Gabbana, 2450 Euro over


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