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Selena Gomez launches her own beauty brand

Reality star Kylie Jenner demonstrated the way! With your own cosmetic line you get rich. Really rich! The youngest of the famous Kardashian-Jenner sisters is said to have earned around 300 million dollars with her own brand in 2018. Of course, other celebrities also want a piece of the beauty cake.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr have already launched their own lines and now singer Selena Gomez is following suit. In February, the singer announced on Instagram that she had been working on her beauty line for two years.

Selena Gomez named her project “Rare-Beauty”. If the name “Rare” seems familiar to you, you are probably a real Selena Gomez fan. The 28-year-old singer released a song with the same name earlier this year. In an Instagram post, Selena explains why she chose this name: “It’s not just a brand. It will be a lifestyle, I want girls and boys as well as men and women to feel comfortable. It is the ‹Rare Beauty› (zu German: ‹rare beauty›), which should be enjoyed, it is something very special. We should not look like everyone else, we should look like ourselves.”

“Rare Beauty” will be available from 3 September in America, Canada and from 2021 worldwide. Beauty lovers can look forward to new foundation, concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows. In addition, Selena Gomez wants to launch a mascara that does not clump together.

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