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Restoration – Strasshof: Youngsters set up locomotives

Almost exclusively volunteers work in the Heizhaus Railway Museum. Throughout the year, the vehicles are kept in good condition, in summer guided tours and events are organized.

From this large group, in 2020, some young people have come together who specialize in the repair and restoration of steam locomotives. The youngest is Lukas Melnitzky at the age of 13, the oldest Manuel Dreger at 26. In total, the team consists of 12 people under the leadership of Igor Jaworski. The “Young Steam Team”, as the group is called, spends its free time in the boiler house. In about 6,000 working hours, they have made locomotive 97,208 — which performed heavy duty on the rack section of the ErzbergBahn until 1978 — operational again after nine years of standstill.

After the steam horse (built in 1892) is now back on the museum grounds as in its best years, the “Young Steam Team” now dedicates itself to other projects. One of them is, for example, the newly opened museum railway from Bad Pirawarth to Sulz-Nexing (the NÖN reported). There they are there with full enthusiasm. In addition, there are plenty of old steam horses in the museum that would be worth preserving for posterity.

Further restorations are therefore envisaged. “I think it’s great that the young generation is so intensively involved with the veterans of the railways, is training in craftsmanship and not just sitting in front of the computer,” says museum curator Rupert Gansterer. And further: “The team sticks together like bad luck and sulfur and is full of enthusiasm at work in the museum.”

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