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Jennifer Lawrence: Divorce after one year

Newly in love are like drunks: totally intoxicated by the other, they want to see him every free minute. Usually, however, everyday life comes in between and ensures that the view slowly becomes clearer again. And maybe that’s a good thing when we look at Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney. The two had in the lockdown probably simply a Overdose of couple time and now hang completely in the ropes. Love boreout of the worst kind, is whispered. They should only be annoyed by each other. Boreout finally describes a condition in which boredom causes stress.

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Is JLaw bored with her husband?

The Hollywood star and the art dealer were actually as a perfect match. A friend of Jennifer’s had coupled her with the smart New Yorker. As a non-celebrity, Cooke seemed to give the Oscar winner exactly every down-to-earthness she missed in the lightning storm. And Cooke, who has worked with artists like Matthew Barney, may have admired her as a brilliant actress. She is happy to bind her “favorite person” to herself for life, Jennifer announced shortly before her glamorous Hichzeit in Rhode Island. But it looks like this “lifetime” soon no longer felt like a gift from God, but like a prison sentence. Insiders whispered to the US People magazine “Star” that she felt like a prisoner in Corona-stricken New York. At Cooke’s side, she could “no longer be themselves.” The fact that the two have very different interests – Jen loves trash TV, Cooke is considered an intellectual – must have been exciting before the lockdown.

But if you are constantly come across the lousy TV taste of the partner or the oh-so-cultivated reading list of the partner, the stimulus wears off quickly. There is a lack of impulses from the outside. Even couch potato Jennifer fell the blanket on her head at home. She confessed, drink beer in the afternoon and empty a bottle of wine every evening. Sometimes she spends the days in bed. Is Cooke a sleeping pill? Friends already fear that the two could slide straight out of the corona lockdown into divorce – and that just over a year after the wedding. After all, the actress has started working again since last week. For the Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up” she is in front of the camera with Leonardo DiCaprio. Jennifer, who admits to being rather listless (“I am the laziest person who has ever lived”), the work needs to give structure to their everyday life. And Cooke? The fact that his sweetheart is now shooting with a Womanizer could spur him on to passionate Facetime sessions. Everyday life can be so stimulating!

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