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“Harry Potter”: That was Emma Watson’s worst scene!

Kiss scene in “Harry Potter” is emma Watson’s worst experience on set

Explosions, creepy creatures (what actually became of Fluffy?!) and action: There are many scenes in “Harry Potter” where you can imagine that it could be hard to shoot. Emma Watson, however, has a different understanding of “bad”. For the “Hermione Granger” actress, a kiss scene was her worst moment of filming. You might think it was more of an impressive moment on set for the “Harry Potter” stars, but no. The main actors were really good friends behind the scenes, so of course it was always a bit weird to shoot intimate scenes. You remember the scene where Hermione and Harry kiss as “ghosts”? Well, that was the worst scene in “Harry Potter” for Emma Watson – and for a pretty crazy reason! Wondering? Don’t blame it, after all, the scene was very convincing, which also surprised Daniel Radcliffe. “She really got going, I have to say. That knocked my socks off a bit, but yes, I can’t complain. A lot of men would pull out a branch to be in my place, so I was totally fine with it.” For the “Harry Potter” actor, the experience seems to have been great, so what exactly was so bad about this scene of the movie?


During kiss scene: Emma Watson throws Rupert Grint from the “Harry Potter” set

Emma Watson had a very simple explanation for her passionate kiss: she only gave the director what he wanted – a passionate kiss – in order to have to take fewer takes. Pragmatic and smart. Nevertheless, she had a “Harry Potter” star banned from the set during this scene: Ruper Grint. The “Ron Weasley” actor was supposed to be part of the kiss between Hermione and Harry so that you can film his direct reaction – that was unfortunately impossible. Rupert Grint could hardly stop laughing at the kiss of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. “I thought it was too funny, so Emma kicked me out because I couldn’t stop laughing.” For Emma Watson, this was definitely the worst scene in the “Harry Potter” movies, but she is still positive about it: “I’m proud of it, even though it was so terribly uncomfortable. I’m very excited that we’ve managed to make it look anything but uncomfortable. Dan and I are like brother and sister, so it was hard to make the kiss look passionate, believe me.” A pretty funny story and a very crazy worst scene.


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