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Edge of Tomorrow 2 – Is the sequel still coming? Emily Blunt speaks plain language

Director Doug Liman gives hope to make the sequel the six-year-old Edge of Tomorrow but to be able to implement at some point, not on. His adaptation of the comic All You Need Is Kill proved to be a respectable cinema success in 2015, but – as so often in Hollywood – it was crushed by its far too high budget and associated expectations. However, critics (90% at the review baromter RottenTomatoes) and viewers (7.9 at IMDb) were enthusiastic about the And every day the marmot greetsvariant for the action and science fiction faction.

And so it is actually not surprising that cast and crew always on a secondThat is what we are talking about. So now again for the start of Emily Blunt’s apocalypse sequel A Quiet Place 2 and the current streaming premiere of Edge of Tomorrow, which can be viewed since yesterday at no additional cost in the Amazon Prime subscription.

To slip back into the exoskeleton: Tom Cruise. ©Warner Bros.

This is the state of Edge of Tomorrow 2

Entertainment Weekly wanted to know from the actress how the sequel is doing, and in response got quite a lot of praise for the script, but also rather sobering future prospects on the way:

“The script is just phenomenal, but I honestly don’t know exactly what the future holds for the sequel,” Blunt sums up the uncertain situation. Is there still hope for Edge of Tomorrow 2? Unfortunately, she cannot give a clear answer to this at the moment, she says. Already last year she expressed herself again and again enthusiastic, but also divided:

“Doug (Liman) has come up with an idea that he is convinced of. But it has to fit so much so that we really get the opportunity to make the film. I hope it happens, because I love our film. Physically, working on it was really exhausting for me, but I would still be back to working with the guys right away.”

And she takes the uncertainty with humor: “Unfortunately, Tom (Cruise) and I will be well over 70 by the time we finally get the green light. That will look strange. We should therefore make a continuation that makes a big leap forward in time. In this way, we can create a kind of The Irishman get off the ground,” jokes Emily Blunt.

Emily Blunt joins june A Quiet Place 2 in the cinema back ©Paramount

Not without Blunt and Cruise

Last October, Doug Liman confirmed that the script for the sequel was ready and Blunt and Tom Cruise would resume their roles. However, the probability that this will actually happen is likely to shrink with each passing day.

Emily Blunt herself blames the not exactly low production costs, believing that the second part is simply too expensive and could be to ever be filmed. The fact that everyone involved, both Liman and Blunt and Tom Cruise, is very busy and always fully booked is another reason that makes things even more difficult.

At Edge of Tomorrow 2 to make it possible, an ideal interplay of appointments would therefore be necessary. Because, and Liman makes this clear: Without Cruise and Blunt it does not work.

“If the film is made, it’s really only because Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise and myself want it that way and we believe in the film. Luckily, there is a plot that we fell in love with right away. The screenplay for Edge of Tomorrow 2 lives up to this idea! This is the only sequel I really want to do. We have a great story to tell and I can already say that the sequel will be much better than its predecessor. The film will revolutionize the sequels,” Enthuses Liman.

Already announced in 2016: Edge of Tomorrow 2nd ©Warner Bros.

Written on 19.05.2021 by Torsten Schrader

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