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Advertising in space can soon be bought with Dogecoin

SpaceX launch of a Falcon 9 rocket. (Photo: SpaceX)

The Canadian Geometric Energy Corporation wants to use SpaceX support to display advertising on a satellite in space. The spots are to be paid for with crypto currencies such as Dogecoin.

In early May, shortly after SpaceX boss Elon Musk had sent the Dogecoin course on a downward slide, the Canadian company Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) draws attention to itself with a Dogecoin-financed satellite project in which it is working with SpaceX. In the first quarter of 2022, a 40-kilogram satellite named Doge-1 is to be carried into space with a Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX – specifically to the moon (“to the moon”; a term commonly used in the crypto community for a price explosion) . This project now also seems to be the basis for another GEC idea. Because the company wants to display advertising on a satellite in space.

Ads streamed from satellite to earth

Samuel Reid, co-founder and CEO of GEC, told the US news platform Businessinsider that his company is currently working on the development of a Cubesat satellite that will be equipped with a selfie stick and a display. In the future, advertisements, logos or art should be shown on it. The images from space should then be streamed live on platforms such as Youtube or Twitch via the camera in the selfie stick.

GEC relies on a kind of pixel system when selling the ads – but the whole thing works differently than the so-called million dollar homepage from 2005. Because interested parties should be able to buy a total of five token forms with crypto currencies such as Dogecoin or Ethereum, through which your advertisement is designed. Two tokens are intended for the X and Y coordinates, one each for the brightness and the color scheme and one token for the duration of the display.

GEC: No information on advertising costs yet

How much exactly the tokens should cost, Reid and GEC have not given any information. One can assume, however, that these will be so expensive that private individuals will hardly be able to afford them. Reid speaks of a democratization of access to space and decentralized participation in the planned project. However, the GEC CEO also imagines that corporations such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola are fighting over the advertising space. According to Reid, the Cubesat display could ultimately look similar to Reddit Place or Satoshi’s Place.

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It is also interesting how the planned collaboration between GEC and SpaceX came about. The Canadian company is said to have approached SpaceX with its advertising satellite plans as early as 2018. Musk’s space company is said to have not taken GEC very seriously for a long time. The fact that it did happen is probably due to the fact that Reid worked as a teacher in the Ad-Astra school, which Musk had co-founded and which he had initiated for his five sons. However, Reid has never met Musk personally. But he hopes to talk to him in the coming weeks.

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