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Trailer of the new film with Alexandra Daddario

Lost Girls & Love Hotels: Trailer for the new movie starring Alexandra Daddario

Last modified: August 18, 2020 15:37

Alexandra Daddario in Lost Girls & Love Hotels (c) Wanderin Trailer Pictures

Alexandra Daddario, known from the series Why Women Kill, American Horror Story or True Detective, has another feature film at the start with Lost Girls & Love Hotels. Here is the trailer and start date for the movie. Because of the trailer: Be careful, spoilers!

What is the movie Lost Girls & Love Hotels about?

Margaret is an American immigrant living in Tokyo, Japan. During the day, she works in a Japanese flight school and teaches prospective flight attendants how to pronounce English. She spends her nights getting drunk with her compatriots Ines and Liam and searches for submissive sexual encounters with any men in the city’s numerous love hotels. Her nightly mishaps cause her to appear dazed and disheunted to work, which attracts the concern of her instructor Nakamura.

One day, Margaret crosses her path with a yakuza enforcer named Kazu and the two begin a relationship. Margaret is initially stunned by Kazu’s revelation that he is about to get married, but she gives in to him when he admits that his marriage is more out of duty than out of love. Margaret confides to Kazu that she has no family: her father left her when she was little, her mother died of cancer, and she has a schizophrenic brother; and that she came to Japan to be alone.

Margaret (Alexandra Daddario) finds herself in the glittering labyrinth of Tokyo at night and during the day as a respected English teacher at a training center for Japanese flight attendants.

Lost in the anonymous big city, Margaret searches for the meaning of life in a Japanese bar. With Ines (Carice Van Houten) she drinks to remember forgetting and loses herself in meaningless hotel romances with men who satisfy a fleeting desire.

When Margaret meets the Yakuza Kazu (Takehiro Hira), she falls in love with him, despite the danger and tradition that make her chances of being together impossible.

Who is behind the movie Lost Girls & Love Hotels?

The director of the film “Lost Girls & Love Hotels?” was led by William Olsson (Reliance). The screenplay for the film was provided by Catherine Hanrahan. The idea for the film comes from the novel , the film music by Ola Flã ̧ttum (“Thelma“, “Blind“, “Shakespears Skjulte Koder“) and Kenji Katori (“Wonderwell“, “I hate Love“) was behind the camera.

By the way, with the exception of the scenes in the Love Hotels, the film was shot in the Japanese city of Kyoto, although it is set in Tokyo.

Production is scheduled to start on September 18, 2020. Instead of showing the film in the cinema, the distributor has Astrakan Film AB decided to release the film only digitally.

Here is the trailer:

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