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Till Death – Brutal Trailer: Megan Fox Fights His Way Back to Life

Can Megan Fox regain his former strength with this role? Recently, it was suspiciously quiet around the former Transformersstar. After triple motherhood and career break, she now wants to get back on her to a flying start – with a role that seems to have been made for her and this comeback idea.

Because her new film Till Death demands not only beauty and grace, but the entire range of her acting skills, which have already been proven several times. After all, one hardly wants to imagine what the alternating bath of emotions must look like that follows the execution of one’s own partner.

Mourning and despair, fear and anger, but also the will to survive and the desire for revenge – Fox shows us almost all imaginable emotions in the official trailer, which is the prelude to a cat and mouse game fluctuating between survival and home invasion thriller.

In the end, however, revenge prevails. And so, after initial hesitation, she sets off to meet the two merciless killers (Callan Mulvey from Batman v Superman and Jack Roth from Bohemian Rhapsody, Star Wars: Rogue One) to administer some of their own medicine!

Megan Fox becomes a tough survival fighter

Before that, however, she has to endure a lot. In the official trailer, Emma, Fox’s long-suffering protagonist, is chased, dragged through the snow, attacked in her car, attacked with knives and almost sunk into a frozen lake.

Even the separation from her husband is not spared her – and this is not meant at this point in the figurative sense, but quite literally. Because in order to separate herself from her chained but very dead husband for her own protection, Fox has to resort to rabid means.

Megan Fox is experiencing her worst nightmare. ©Screen Media

After all, it is not without reason that it is said: Until death do us part! All this leaves a surprisingly neat, perhaps even promising impression – something, after such a long absence and mistakes as Rogue Hunter, Think like a dog or Midnight in the Switchgrass with Bruce Willis, of course, is not a matter of course.

And yet it could have been seen coming. The script for the film, which was eventually adapted by newcomer Scott Dale, has long been on the infamous Blood List – the horror counterpart to the Blacklist, a collection created by experts with the best unfilmed scripts in Hollywood. In addition, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, one of the creators behind the The Conjuring-Films and James Wans Aquaman, as a producer on board.

And at least in the USA, you will soon be able to get an idea of the finished result for yourself: Limited in cinemas and via video on demand from 2 July.

Emma (Fox) is not defeated without a fight. ©Screen Media

And that’s what Til Death is all about

Eleven years after her appearance in the horror comedy Jennifer’s Body Megan Fox returns to genre cinema as a desperate widow who literally goes through hell after her husband’s death.

The trigger is a morbid campaign of revenge, which culminates in Emma (Megan Fox) waking up tied to her dead husband (Callan Mulvey), while two unscrupulous contract killers are on their way to her. They still have to finish the unfinished job. Will she be able to escape in time?

©Screen Media

Written on 17.06.2021 by Torsten Schrader

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