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Study: More and more people would pay with Bitcoin

Just pay for your weekly purchase with Bitcoins? As a current study by the financial services platform PYMNTS in cooperation with BitPay shows, this would be conceivable for almost 60 percent of the respondents. According to the study, around two thirds of the participants already own Bitcoin, Ethereum or the like and plan to use them for transactions in the future. Of them, 59 percent would be very or extremely happy to pay with cryptocurrencies when shopping online if they received special discounts. Particularly interesting: 53 percent of those surveyed state that they bought the new currencies out of fear of missing out on something.

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Crypto grouch surprisingly open-minded

A total of 8,000 US consumers took part in the study. PYMNTS and BitPay continued to scrutinize those who have decided against buying the digital assets up to now. 75 percent of the crypto-grouch are of the opinion that they do not yet know enough about Bitcoin & Co. to invest in the market. Among other things, it is important for them to learn more about the purchase process and management as well as the possible effects on taxes. It is surprising that a full 23 percent of so-called no-coins would still be open to paying with crypto currencies with additional discounts.

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