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Herzblatt stories with Axel Schulz and Mila Kunis

EOne of the last remaining privileges of traditional masculinity: when ours has gained a few pounds, we do not have to reckon with the intimate question of whether we might be pregnant. Quite different with women – they don’t even have to gain weight. Amal Clooney, for example, “the super-slim human rights lawyer,” stare loudly Colorful all “on their stomachs” because they are supposedly expecting twins again: “Isn’t there a small bulge? No! And again, no!” But Mrs. Clooney should not feel too safe, we still see through her. As well as Woman with heart The pregnancy of Stefan Mross’ wife proves: Suspicious is “that Anna-Carina looks remarkably thin lately. Some women are known to lose weight in the first trimester of pregnancy.” Caught, the ladies!

Joerg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Small bulges in the influencer Chiara Ferragni, on the other hand, do not necessarily have to point to a sweet secret, but perhaps only to regular pizza enjoyment, which Ferragni documents on the net – which is in the editorial office of In investigative zeal ignited. Because “one thing always remains inexplicable: When Chiara shares her pizza pics on Instagram, she is always busy snacking – but the pizza in front of her is not missing a single piece. . .” Amazing, indeed. Is the narrow piece nibbled on by Ferragni the only real piece at the end and the disc in front of her a dummy? Or is the slice in front of her already her second pizza, after she has almost completely plastered the first one?

Journal for Feelings

Speaking of discs. “There are also enough examples that leaving a routine allows a big leap forward,” writes editor-in-chief Robert Pölzer in the Colorful-Editorial: “The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, who showed that the earth is not a disk at all.” Exactly, Columbus just wanted to get out of the routine and therefore left for America. The one with the globe had long been known, a sea route to India would have been difficult to navigate in terms of discs, but Colorful is not a journal for history, but for feelings, above all love. “To understand her as a good friend who you don’t want to disappoint and not get bored,” advises Pölzer: “If this friend, love, is happy, this happiness comes back to us.” As if it were not hard enough to make your own partner happy, we should also make love as such happy and keep it happy, thank you very much too.

Westbound: Christopher Columbus

Westbound: Christopher Columbus

Image: AFP

Even more eloquent than the Colorful-The only boss is Franz Josef Wagner. “Nature, some mean God, raises its terrible index finger,” he states in Image Of recent disasters, one wonders whether humanity has not been shown a middle finger rather than a terrible index finger. “We humans must reconcile ourselves with fire and water,” Wagner concludes – and we think that in this case the first step towards reconciliation should then start from fire and water.

Visible dirt

The actor couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a rather distant relationship to the water: Woman in the mirror According to them, they said their children Wyatt, 6, and Dimitri, 4, “don’t bathe every day, but only when you see the dirt.” When it comes to their own personal hygiene, they keep it similar: With a bar of soap, according to Kutcher, “I wash armpits and crotch every day, nothing else”. This is not entirely consistent, because dirty armpits and steps are not seen by the vast majority of fellow human beings.

Axel Schulz and his wife have managed a commendably very clean separation, and because the man was once a boxer, writes in addition to several other media also Colorful from the “Ehe-K.O.”. If a football player separates, it must be called a marriage final whistle, a high jumper breaks the marriage bar. That Colorful in the following claims that just in time Axel and Patricia “pulled the ripcord”, is metaphorically disappointing: Of course, they would have had the Have to throw in the towel. Schulz already has a new relationship, but it is “not totally fixed. I am looking for a fixed connection. Bling around is not my thing.” We would now like to have a definition of the degree of strength at which the transition from rumbling to great and happy love takes place.

Jessica Schwarz is definitely no longer looking around, she has just married. “During the wedding, the groom presented the bride with a box. When opened, countless white butterflies fluttered out of the box, mingled with the wedding party,” white Colorful. “A touching symbol of how fleeting happiness and love are.” It would actually have been more appropriate to find symbols for happiness and love to last a long time and for the partners to hold on to each other. But presumably a wedding party would not find it so great if snails and ticks mixed with them.

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