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Danger Park – Trailer: Horror safari with a deadly outcome – soon also with us!

Making a virtue out of necessity: Director M. J. Bassett knows how to do it. While half of Hollywood groaned under paralyzed productions, she secretly filmed two potentially deadly predator feedings with thrilling potential in Africa.

It is no coincidence that their published in the spring Rogue (with us as Rogue Hunter with Megan Fox and the autumn announced Danger Park – Deadly Safari (Endangered Species) are like one egg to the other. After all, both films were shot almost one after the other and at the same location, only the cast is different. According to the motto: Once we are here, we can kill two birds with one stone!

On horror safari with Danger Park

Had to be in Rogue Hunter megan fox (Jennifer’s Body, Transformers) to keep deadly tigers and rebels armed to the teeth from their necks, while she herself gave the tough, washed with all waters elite soldiers, this time it is Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) and Jerry O’Connell (Stand by Me, Mission to Mars), who are struggling to survive in the African bush – on very different sides.

The result is two almost identical survival thrillers from the B-Movie construction kit, which primarily entertain and want to score less through claim. Already Rogue Hunter was a true action-thriller thriller at heart, who lived above all from his high blood toll and fast action combined with animal threats from the African wilderness.

Poachers are not the only problem. ©Leonine

Tried here Danger Park – Deadly Safari however, the horse is fenced in from a different direction. Instead of a battle-hardened mercenary, there is a helpless family that is rather involuntarily stranded in the bush and then runs into the arms of a gun-mad big game hunter (Jerry O’Connell). The “endangered species” mentioned in the English title are therefore rather decorative, increasing pulse accessories that always appear in the worst possible moment.

Soon in German trade

Like this one: Exxon project manager Jack Halsey is traveling with his family in The African Kruger National Park when their jeep is attacked and crushed by a rhino mother. Now a race against time begins, because Jack’s wife is diabetic and could fall into a coma if insulin intake is insufficient.

The family is in mortal danger. ©Leonine

But the hoped-for rescue in the form of the charismatic survival expert Mitch (O’Connell) turns out to be a complete mistake. Shortly thereafter, machine gun salvos echo through the night, revealing the outbreak of chaos and cinematic kinship to the similar Rogue Hunter perfect. Even the release is the same:

R-Rating for “Depiction of Violence and Bloody Images.” However, both films are also the fault of M.J., who has been working since Deathwatch from 2002 stands for gripping, action-packed genre cinema.

One thing is certain: This safari does not have a happy ending for everyone involved. And you can be there when Leonine Danger Park – Deadly Safari on October 15, matching Halloween in the trade.


Written on 10.08.2021 by Torsten Schrader

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