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Bitcoin and Ethereum are growing strongly

the Bitcoin course has grown strongly in the past few days, reaching its highest level since mid-May. In the past few hours, the cryptocurrency has clearly exceeded the psychologically important mark of 45,000 dollars and has now reached a value of more than $ 46,000.

Bitcoin fell below the $ 30,000 mark in mid-July. In less than a month, the largest cryptocurrency has around 58 percent.

Bitcoin course

Ethereum is also rising

It looks similar with Ethereum off: On July 20, the second largest cryptocurrency was still around 1,730 dollars, currently Ethereum is around $ 3,100 acted. This corresponds to an increase of almost 80 percent.

The technical chart perspective is brightening noticeably, explained market analyst Timo Emden from Emden Research. Short-term oriented investors in particular presented themselves in Buying mood.

Ethereum course

Positive mood

the Regulatory issue in the market for cryptocurrencies remains a long-running favorite. the US Senate has the decision about one at the weekend Proposed legislation, which deals with the taxation of crypto currencies, among other things, has been postponed. It is now expected or hoped that the Bitcoin tax project implemented by the US government in a weakened form.

Last but not least, a positive mood on the market is also likely to result Tesla boss Elon Musk who once again announced a possible comeback of the cryptocurrency at Tesla around 2 weeks ago. However, risks persisted, warned the expert.

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