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Billie Eilish lets fan run up

Billie Eilish horrifies fans! Again. 🙈 Recently, small missteps of the actually quite popular music star are piling up. After Eilish spoke in an interview about how “angry and nrateful” she once was, the singer knocks one out again in an interview. The fans are pretty pissed! But is this a misunderstanding?

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Does Eilish not care about her fans?

Eilish recently released her second album “Happier Than Ever”, reaching #1 on the UK and US charts. Actually quite a success, which she owes in large part to her fans! Also a great opportunity to show a little gratitude to said fans, Eilish thought. And so she took part in a Q&A session via Zoom. For a long time, this small Q&A session with fans of the star was also quite unspectacular – until the end. The presenter gave the fans the chance to ask one last question to their idol, which one fan enthusiastically used. Not for a question, but for a sweet expression of love to the singer: “There’s no question about it, but I wanted to thank you, I love you so much, Billie!” The singer reacted … not. What followed the statement are the longest seconds of our lives, when Eilish simply looks into the camera and remains silent. Ouch! 😨

Fans are annoyed by their behavior

Is it really that hard to at least smile at them?“, asks an angry fan in the comments of the now viral video on TikTok, which shows the unpleasant situation. Another fan adds: “I think she forgets that she is nothing without us.” She has changed “and not for the better“, writes another fan. Pretty harsh words! Now it is like this: Eilish himself has not yet commented on the incident. We’ve all heard of zoom at least over the course of the corona pandemic, and many who use it more often know that the connection isn’t always perfect. So it MAY be that the singer just didn’t hear her fan. Or that there was a great delay. We can hardly imagine that Eilish let her fan run up on purpose. It also wouldn’t fit with the words Eilish has always found for her fans lately, as in an interview with The Guardian.: “I have such a good relationship with my fans right from the start. They’ve always been my highest priority and a part of me wants to tell them everything – every single thing I think and feel. […], because for me they are my friends.Doesn’t sound like Eilish doesn’t value her fans!


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