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Bam Margera sues Paramount and Johnny Knoxville

The film industry continues to experience a crisis. Bam Margera complains after it was revealed that he was released from the latest and at the same time last chapter of the Jackassseries. Accordingly, he is now taking action against Paramount and Johnny Knoxville. In addition, producer Spike Jonze may have received mail from Bam Margera’s lawyer in the meantime.

Jackass Forever without Bam Margera

As First Reported by Variety, Bam Margera revealed that he was not in the finished film. Jackass Forever will be on display. Already in February it became known that Margera in the final version of Jackass Forever will not be seen. The reason for his expulsion was that he tested positive for Adderall. In doing so, he would have violated a health agreement that he had with the producers of Jackass Forever have been received. Margera, on the other hand, explains that he has been taking Adderall as a prescribed drug for 10 years.

The lawsuit therefore states that Paramount treated Margera in an inhumane manner, which should not be approved. He would have had to endure psychological torture in the form of a deceptive health agreement and was finally fired because of his protected status with regard to his medical background and because of his complaints due to the discriminatory behaviour of the defendant.

It also states that Knoxville, Jonze and Jackass Forever-Director Jeffrey Tremaine Margera would have forced to sign this agreementwhile he was on withdrawal in 2019. He had been told that he would be excluded from Jackass Forever if he did not sign the agreement. Routinely, Margera should therefore have appeared for drug and alcohol tests.

Johnny Knoxville speaks out, the rest is silent

Back in May, Knoxville commented on bam margera. They would have tried to pull it off. However, he did not want to say more about it, he explained at the time. He did not want to get involved in a public back and forth with Margera. He just wants him to improve.

Now that Margera has taken the path of suing Knoxville and other stakeholders, Knoxville did not comment. The other affected persons have also remained silent so far.

Thick air in Hollywood

There has always been a lot of complaints in the film and series industry. Recently, however, it has been piling up. For completely different reasons, Black Widow-Star Scarlett Johansson against Disney. The company would have deprived them of a large part of their revenue if they had taken the path of sending the film to the cinema and streaming at the same time.

Emma Stone could follow suit in this direction, as she is Cruella similar to Johansson’s experience. And Gerard Butler has also recently sued. He goes against the Olympus Has Fallen Producers who apparently still owe him several million US dollars from the cinema revenues.

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