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“Who needs Hollywood?”

Twelve films were shown in the Marstallinnenhof Schloss Neuhaus as part of the competition, which took place for the first time. The best entries were awarded prizes.

Young short film OWL – this is an association of the University of Paderborn, the TH OWL in Lemgo, the FH Bielefeld and the Bib International College in Paderborn. Representatives of these institutions formed the jury in the evening.

The three screenplay prizes each received 1000 euros. First place went to the work “Zeilen der Zeit” by Marvin Albertsmeyer and Julius Herzog. It tells the story of a Jew during the rise of the National Socialists. In diary-like letters, the main character records how he and his family were excluded from German society and eventually even directly attacked.

Drastic events were also addressed

Also drastic events such as the Reichspogromnacht and the attack on Poland are mentioned. According to the directors, a trip to Poland and Latvia was the decisive factor in finding the topic. With materials from archives that record the history of Jewish victims in the Third Reich, the biography of the protagonist was created.

“There are people behind all the numbers,” says Julius Herzog about the many victims. In addition to the poignant story, which should contribute to the culture of remembrance, the team also shines through precise camera work and good technical elaborations. So it is not surprising that the visitors also chose “Lines of Time” when choosing the Audience Award.

Tatjana Meyer won the Jury Prize with her short film “Every breathe you take”

In addition to this and the screenplay prizes, jury prizes were awarded. The first place was to be rewarded with 1500 euros and went to Tatjana Meyer with her short film “Every Breathe You Take”.

If the title seems familiar due to the song of the same name by The Police, you are right, because this plays an important role in the film. For almost ten minutes, the camera observes a young woman who is being followed at every turn without her knowledge. The voice of her stalker accompanies the pictures and explains in the words of the well-known song: “With every movement you make and with every step you take, I watch you.” The mood remains tense throughout the performance and is then interrupted by loud applause.

Director Tatjana Meyer can’t believe it herself: “I really didn’t expect that”; she reveals when she accepts the award: “A small dream comes true for me and I am very proud.”

Daniel Meier’s film “Bonbon” is reminiscent of the Hollywood film “La La Land”

The second place of the jury prize is filled twice. Daniel Meier’s “Bonbon” and Simon Tubbesing’s “Hopo Pongo” are equal in the ranking. Bonbon also narrowly lost the vote for the Audience Award, because this film also met with great popularity.

Daniel Meier and his team worked on the twenty-minute film for a year: countless costumes, locations as well as dance and singing interludes and all this in the flair of the 50s. The film is a very special creation and yet strongly reminiscent of the Hollywood film “La La Land” with Ryan Gossling and Emma Stone “While we were shooting, ‘La La Land’ appeared and we thought, well great, now Hollywood is already doing that,” says Daniel Meier.

Even if the motifs are similar, the story of the East Westphalian short film remains unique. Third place in the jury prizes went to “The Boy and His Balloon” by Tom Lienekampf – a film about a lonely boy who tries to play in the midst of arguments. The only one who gives him a smile is his blue balloon with the painted face.

Twelve of the 36 films submitted were shown in Neuhaus Castle. They showed the great cinematic talent of the directors and their teams. The question from Paderborn’s deputy mayor Sabine Kramm in her opening speech was fitting: “Who needs Hollywood? We have OWL.”

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