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This interview makes for a racism backlash

An old interview by Billie Eilish is currently causing a backlash on Twitter.

Singer Billie Eilish is once again causing a stir with a statement. He was recently accused of queerbaiting after she wrote “I love women” in her Instagram caption. In addition, homophobic Facebook postings of her boyfriend appeared as well as a recording of the singer, which shows how she sings a racist insult against Asians.

Now the 19-year-old is reaping criticism again: In an earlier interview, Billie Eilish explains which cartoon character she identifies with the most.

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Billie Eilish likes this cartoon character

“My favorite cartoon character is Cindy from the Boondocks,” Eilish said in an interview with Montreality. The video is three years old and is currently causing a stir on social media.

The reason? Eilish’s favorite character is a white character who speaks to a so-called “Blaccent.” According to the Urban Dictionary, this describes people who do not belong to the African-American community, but imitate the language of black people. Eilish stated that she liked the character because she was a “badass” and always defended her friends – the musician said nothing about the problematic behavior of the character.

The cartoon series “The Boondocks” is a show known for its satirical depiction of black characters. According to “BuzzFeed News”, the show was realized according to the idea of cartoonist Aaron McGruder. Above all, topics such as African-American culture in the USA, racism and politics are in the foreground.

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Eilish reaps backlash on Twitter

Eilish’s favorite character, Cindy McPhearson, is a white girl known for her “Blaccent” who has many “stereotypical interests” that are mostly attributed to black people. In the resurfaced clip, Eilish explained, “She’s like me — that’s me if I did all the things I think about.”

Social media users gave Billie Eilish a backlash because the musician claimed to identify with a white cartoon character whose entire personality is based on the appropriation of black culture and behavior.

As User @LoLoVonZ explained, Cindy McPhearson’s character was only incorporated into the show to show how problematic it is when white women build their personality on hip-hop culture.

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Fans defend Billie Eilish

After a fan defended the singer on Twitter, saying that she can “compare herself to any character she wants,” user @CMIYGLVINYL commented: “The series is literally based on black stereotypes that black people can laugh at. Cindy’s character pretends to be black – the fact that Eilish is referring to her is a little unsettling.”

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“Don’t people realize that you don’t have to belong to a certain ethnicity to enjoy a series? If a series is good, it’s good,” user tweeted. @someonetalkin_ and pointed out the “absurdity” of the backlash against the musician.

“No, it’s actually funny that she identifies with Cindy because they’re the same. Cindy is a white girl from the suburbs who has no connection to being black, but still shows a Blaccent for no reason – and so does Billie,” @httpsbt5 tweeted.

You can watch the entire interview with Billie Eilish here:

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