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Marathon for Berchtesgaden Mountain Rescue Service: Missions in the Watzmann East Face, Jenner, Kehlstein, Untersberg

The rescue helicopter Christoph 14 was particularly challenged on the Watzmann east face.

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Saturday (7 August) kept the mountain rescue services of the region on their toes with nice weather and thousands of people in the local mountains. The Ramsau mountain rescue service had to cope with almost continuous rescue operations, some of which were very complex.

The text of the Communication:

Berchtesgaden/Schönau a. Königssee – The beautiful weather on Saturday with thousands of people in the local mountains the Berchtesgaden Mountain Rescue Service has a Operational marathon with eight emergencies, some of which are at the same time , which the volunteer mountain rescuers have occupied with only short breaks from the morning all day and night until Sunday morning. We started around 10 o’clock in the morning with a rather slightly injured 78-year-old hiker, who had fallen in the Stiergraben (Hagen Mountains) between Seeleinsee and Priesbergalm. The crew of the Pongau emergency helicopter “Martin 1” provided the man with emergency medical care and then flew him directly to the district clinic Bad Reichenhall.

The Ramsau mountain rescue service was also challenged on Saturday:

Fatal crash during the Watzmann crossing – Woman crashes east wall

Two simultaneous missions in demanding flight conditions in the Watzmann East Face

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., two uninjured, but blocked and exhausted men reported from the Watzmann East Face, who at an altitude of around 1,800 metres on Berchtesgadener Weg did not get any further. While the Berchtesgaden mountain rescue service and the crew of the Traunstein rescue helicopter “Christoph 14” were about to start the rescue, another emergency call from the east face was received at around 2.50 p.m., as a 29-year-old holidaymaker from Baden-Württemberg in the front of the waterfall wall a handle had broken out and he had fallen about 25 meters deep into the rope.

“Christoph 14” flew to the site immediately in demanding wind conditions and dropped off a Berchtesgaden mountain rescuer with the winch at the stand, where the climber and the crashed woman who had already been rescued from her to the top were waiting. The helicopter then brought another mountain rescuer in a second approach, picked up the 29-year-old, who had been briefly examined and secured by the first mountain rescuer, with the second rescuer and flew him to the stopover at the Kührointalm; From there, the mountain rescue service then took the man to the Hammerstiel car park, where an ambulance crew from the Berchtesgaden Red Cross took him over and took him to the Bad Reichenhall district hospital.

Dramatic mountain accident on the Untersberg

Mountaineer from the district of Traunstein falls 20 meters into the depths in front of his daughters

Meanwhile, the helicopter picked up the uninjured rope partner and the first mountain rescuer with the winch and flew her to the Schneewinkl landing site. After a short refueling stop, the helicopter flew back into the east wall, dropped two mountain rescuers with the winch at the two blocked men in 1,800 meters, who secured the uninjured climbers before they could pick up “Christoph 14” in two approaches together with a rescuer and fly out to the stopover on the Hirschau peninsula (Sankt Bartholomä). There everyone could get on board and then fly together to Schneewinkl.

Knee injury in the bull ditch, dislocated shoulder on the Königssee east bank & foot injury at the Jenner summit

While the missions in the east wall were still running, at 3.20 p.m. a woman with a knee injury at the lower end of the bull ditch in the Hagen Mountains needed help. Another team of the mountain rescue team drove with the emergency doctor from “Christoph 14” to the Priesbergalm and then walked to the scene, where the doctor and mountain rescuer provided the woman with medical care. Since no helicopter was free in the entire region, the crew of the Munich rescue helicopter “Christoph 1” had to fly in for gentle transport. She picked up the already treated patient with the rescue winch and then flew her to the clinic. Around 3:40 p.m., an emergency call was received from the Jenner summit, where a 23-year-old holidaymaker from Middle Franconia had injured her ankle.

A third team of the Berchtesgaden mountain rescue service drove up the mountain, cared for the woman, abseiled her in the stretcher to the path and then took her by cable car to the valley, where she took over an ambulance crew of the Berchtesgaden Red Cross and delivered her to the district clinic Bad Reichenhall. GegAt 4.40 p.m., the BRK water guard together with the Berchtesgaden emergency doctor moved out by lifeboat to the Ostuferweg at Königssee, where a 51-year-old holidaymaker from Thuringia needed medical help with a dislocated shoulder. The emergency services took care of the man and drove him to the Seelände, where an ambulance crew of the Reichenhall Red Cross took him over and drove him to the district clinic Bad Reichenhall.

Climbed at the Kehlstein and in the upper Pflugtal

Around 5 p.m., he reported a Dutchman climbed on the north side of the Kehlstein via emergency call. The Berchtesgaden mountain rescue service drove to the bus turntable and went downhill in the direction of Ofner Boden on the search, finding the man, bringing him rope-secured into the valley and then driving back to his starting point. Around 10.30 p.m., calls for help and light signals from the west walls of the Hohe Göll were reported from the Scharitzkehlalm, which could not be precisely located. The head of operations was then able to narrow down the source to the upper plough valley, why eight mountain rescuers climbed in pouring rain, because holidaymakers then found in the crash area, abseiled a rescuer to him, secured him and then pulled up on the rope about 30 meters.

The soaked and freezing holidaymaker had lost the trail after a tour on the Hohe Brett in the descent and had then unintentionally gone into the plough valley, where he could finally neither forward nor back in the heavy rain on a narrow band in a rock face. The rescuers took care of him and warmed him up, which improved his condition and allowed him to go with the crew. The mountain rescue led him rope-secured first over to the Alpeltal and then from there through the blocky terrain with him slowly descended, whereby the rescuers had to abseil him over the winter wall, led him rope-secured through the summer wall, finally arrived in the valley around 6 o’clock in the morning and around 7 o’clock then finally after short clean-up work could go to bed.

Fallen holidaymaker on Untersberg-Stöhrweg

Already on Friday afternoon, the Berchtesgaden mountain rescue service and “Christoph 14” were on duty at Untersberg-Stöhrweg, where a holidaymaker had been injured in a fall at around 3.30 p.m. The helicopter dropped off the emergency doctor and a Berchtesgaden mountain rescuer at the scene of the accident, then picked up the patient with the doctor by winch, flew her to the district clinic Bad Reichenhall and then picked up the mountain rescuer from the scene of the accident.

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