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From Cardi B to Shirin David: These stars don’t care about Corona rules

Stars like Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Kendall Jenner, Cardi B and more caused trouble for fans during the pandemic. The reason: Corona rules don’t matter to them!

Corona rules: Stars like Kendall Jenner & Cardi B didn’t stick to it
Image: Eugene Powers/ / Tinseltown/ / Freshclip

Parties, Travel and Meet Friends: The Ongoing Coronaviruspandemic unfortunately still severely restricts all these beautiful things. Regulations and guidelines are intended to ensure that the number of infections goes down. However, not everyone adheres to the current Corona rules. International stars such as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Kendall Jenner, Cardi B and Rita Ora dealt with violations anger from the fans. But also German celebrities like Shirin David got into the headlines.

Stars travel despite corona pandemic: Fans mad at celebrities like Charli and Dixie D’Amelio

Stars who are in the public eye and have a correspondingly large reach are also associated with a certain role model function. Right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, this can lead to their behavior being viewed critically. Many a star recently turned the fans against him because corona rules and recommendations were not observed. For example, a trip by Charli and Dixie D’Amelio as well as other US TikTok greats triggered a shitstorm because it was the Influencer at the turn of the year in the Bahamas. The TikTok trip brought many fans to the palm especially because Charli D’Amelio had recently urged to stay at home and not to meet with friends. There was already trouble against the social media queen in July 2020 because she was spotted with YouTuber James Charles and other celebrities at a house party.

Corona Party at Kendall Jenner, Cardi B and Rita Ora

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Kendall Jenner also engaged in a shitstorm by hosting a Halloween party with about 100 guests, which was a violation of the Corona rules in Los Angeles. The same game with Cardi B: The rapper invited plenty of guests to a wet and happy birthday party in Las Vegas. From the USA we continue to England. There, Rita Ora made a blunder, celebrating her thirtieth with around 30 people, but then apologizing at least.

Corona rules not taken seriously? Headlines also about German celebrities like Shirin David

Former “Berlin – Day & Night” star Anne Wünsche also drew trouble with a trip. Fans criticized her that the holiday in Lanzarote during the lockdown in Germany was irresponsible and as a result, the 29-year-old even lost an important advertising partner. There were professional consequences for the now former “Köln 50667” actress Paulina Ljubas, who was dismissed by the production company of the TV show on the grounds that she had not adhered to quarantine rules. This is not true, Paulina asserts, and according to her, lawyers are involved who are now supposed to take care of the case. Last but not least, there was also the scandal surrounding Shirin David and her video shoot for “Hoes Up, G’s down”. Neighbors called the police because of the volume, they moved in and broke up the party. However, the “Give him” interpreter later explained that the shooting had been properly registered.

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