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Does she now dare to revolt against Papa Jamie?


14. July 2021 – 11:55 Clock

Jamie Spears won’t like that at all

Is this possibly a tip against her father? Britney Spears (39) has been fighting for her freedom in court for weeks. The singer even testified in the guardianship trial herself, bringing shocking details to light. Her father Jamie Spears (68) is even said to interfere in her family planning and forbid her to have more children. But Britney now seems to be unimpressed by this and is sticking to her dream of starting her own small family with her boyfriend Sam Asghari (27). Now she refers to her partner on the net as “Dad”.

“Papa” post causes speculation

If you scroll through Britney’s Instagram feed, you will come across photos from the forest, among other things. Together with Sam, Britney now wandered through nature and captured this trip for her fans in cool photos. However, the snapshots quickly became a minor matter, because especially the commentary that the musician wrote about it attracted attention.

“Sam looks like a dad in these photos,” the 39-year-old wrote. She did not provide an explanation for this, but the community hopes that there will soon be offspring on the road.

Britney Spears has personally testified in court

Britney continues to fight for her freedom

It’s no secret that Britney can well imagine becoming a mom again. Currently, however, her father still seems to stand in her way. Jamie has been her guardian for years and allegedly has no desire for more grandchildren. “I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I have a spiral in me so that I don’t get pregnant, because [mein Team will] not that I’m having more children,” Britney recently testified in court. (dga)

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