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There are spades in a relaxed atmosphere

48 vaccine doses administered

The vaccination mobile of the Karlsruhe district office stopped on Thursday at the open-air cinema in Ettlingen. Visitors were able to use their waiting time for the film for a spontaneous vaccination. Almost 50 people took advantage of this opportunity.

Mobile vaccination center: The cinema backdrop, where almost 50 people had their spades on Thursday evening

Photo: Jürgen Hotz

“Chaka! And druff with the Pflaschder! The pleasure only takes place once, “calls out emergency doctor Christoph Niessner and gives Johnson & Johnson an injection against Covid-19 in a routine and humorous manner after he has had the informational interview. In the foyer of the “Kulisse” cinema – as an improvised vaccination center – there is also the Biontech serum on Thursday evening, which is then administered more often at the end of the campaign.

The vaccination mobile of the Karlsruhe district office, which started its service in mid-May, stopped at the pachyderm square to vaccinate. Those who want to be vaccinated stand in line to the parking lot that evening.

Before and parallel to the film screenings, also in the open-air cinema, Marcus Neumann, the managing director of “Kulisse”, wanted to “create an incentive so that many can be vaccinated”. The idea is that visitors can use the waiting time until the start of the film for a vaccination.

People who want to be vaccinated come for a variety of reasons

Because of the impending rain, the cinema man offered to build the Impfstraße in the foyer. The cooperation partner is the German Red Cross, which also provides the ambulance as a vaccination mobile. Aksana Novikova, the deputy branch manager of the DRK district association Karlsruhe, quickly sets up a second pavilion so that the declarations of consent can be filled out in the dry.

The people who bare the upper arm come for a variety of reasons. One of the first to stay with paramedic Kolja Bekker after the spades is Ines Pawlik, who works nearby. As a precaution, she wanted to be vaccinated relatively late, but many colleagues have already been vaccinated: “Now I have slowly seen my duty.”

There is more freedom for those who have been vaccinated.

Anouschka, 13 years

From Rüppurr, Anouschka and her mother stand at the end of the line. “There is more freedom for those who have been vaccinated, but now I’m a little excited,” says the 13-year-old, indicating it with her thumb and forefinger. An hour later she is happy and relieved: “It didn’t hurt at all.”

Praise for the relaxed atmosphere

In the cinema foyer, pharmacist Sibylle Wendel explains the Biontech syringes. With Tobias Ochs, Anna Müller and Sigrid Gerdau, who organize the documentation and issue of the vaccination pass, she is part of the Mobile Vaccination Team (MIT) at the Heidelsheim District Vaccination Center.

“So far it has been difficult for me to find an appointment,” explains Achim Korinek (29), who had previously obtained extensive information about vaccines.

Benjamin Lenz and friend Melanie Richter praise the “relaxed and nice environment during the vaccination without an appointment”. Ulrich Oberst (70) has little contact and is vaccinated for the sake of his five siblings. “I’ve met more people in the last 20 minutes than in the weeks before,” he says.

In the end, almost 50 people were vaccinated

At the end at 9 p.m., 48 people received a spade. Sigrid Gerdau is satisfied: “The campaign was well received”. Marcus Neumann is also enthusiastic: “I would never have expected that. That makes me happy.”


The next mobile vaccination appointment at the “Kulisse” is on August 13th from 6pm to 8pm. More information at



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