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John Krasinski persuaded wife Emily Blunt to “A Quiet Place 2”

John Krasinski not only had a brilliant idea for the sequel to his hit film “A Quiet Place” – it also led to a problem. Because his leading actress Emily Blunt had made it very clear to him that she would not be available for a second part of the horror thriller (it is to start after several postponements on June 24 in German cinemas). The advantage for Krasinski, who acts as a screenwriter, producer and director: he is married to his star. So he was able to wait for the right time and, above all, the right place to successfully use his persuasion skills: “We were on a dream beach in Hawaii. And I described the first scene in detail to her there. In the end, she just said, ‘Then I’ll probably be in this movie.'”

Mr. Krasinski, what exactly did Emily find so convincing?

That we tell everything from a different perspective and yet it is a direct sequel. The father of the family is dead, the house as a retreat is destroyed and the mother and her three children now have to fight for survival outdoors against the noise-chasing creatures.

The first part was a blockbuster. What ingredients make films successful?

Viewers must see the topic as relevant to their own lives. For example, most realize that a total silence scares them. And the second part is about the broken promises of parents to their children. Don’t all parents say that they always want to be there for the kids and will protect them? But nobody can really comply with that, because that’s not possible.

And what would you recommend as a father of two children?

That you prepare your kids as best you can so that they can take their own steps and survive in the world. Luckily, our world isn’t as scary as it was in the movie.

They have become famous through the cult series “The Office”. Does it annoy you when fans still ask you about the old role as Jim Halpert?

No, because this role has changed and, above all, improved my life in the best way. It gave me the creative freedom and self-confidence to make a highly personal film like “A Quiet Place”. Also, the years on the set of “The Office” were the best school for me.

Why is that?

I waited before I got the part. On location, I learned everything important that has to do with filmmaking from day one. I was even allowed to direct the series for the first time. I would never have dared to do that myself. After that, it really grabbed me and I really wanted to produce my own films from then on.

Will you only be behind the camera in the future, or do you like to see yourself on the screen?

Did you just call me self-absorbed? As a narcissistic? (laughs) So, I still love acting. And a little more after I was on the other side. It’s really a luxury to be able to show up on set, shoot scenes and then go back home.

Any other advantages?

I only stay fit when I have to prepare for roles. Because unlike my wife, who always looks amazingly good even without sports, I have less luck with my body. I have to sweat for my good figure in the gym (grins).

Does it make it difficult for a director to work when he is married to his leading actress?

On the contrary. For me, Emily is the best actress in the world. No ifs or buts. Not only is she so incredibly talented, she also helps me to implement my ideas even better. We get the best out of each other.

Emily has revealed that you have a tradition when the shooting day is over.

(Laughs) Oh, you mean our traditional glass of Scotch? Yes, that was always very nice. Of course, we only did this from a purely professional point of view, because it makes us both even more creative.

The screenwriter John Krasinski let the main actor John Krasinski die in the first film …

… which I somehow didn’t think through properly in terms of a sequel. I put total blame on my acting agent. He should have been more committed to the producer for me, so that I wouldn’t be completely removed from the script (laughs).

Do the terrible creatures in the movie come from your own imagination?

Yes. They spring from my fearsEn. The fear of the uncertainty that you feel as a father when you give up your children on their first day in kindergarten. Or when I imagine – God forbid – that I have to hand over my daughters to another man at the altar. There are so many things you can’t foresee. I just hope that I can be there for my children in the most beautiful moments and also in their darkest.

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