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How that which cannot be filmed should be filmed

Foundation: How that which cannot be filmed should be filmed

Foundation: How that which cannot be filmed should be filmed (c) Apple TV +

David S. Goyer, the creator of Foundation at AppleTV +, revealed how he adapted the science fiction epic for television. Asimov fan and guest author sw2012 draws hope.

The novel series Foundation by Isaac Asimov is regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of science fiction, but also as even more difficult to film than “Dune“. Series creator David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight“, The Sandman,”Blade“) Has now in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the “structural“Challenges of the material spoken for the scripts and how he solved them. We also learn a few more details – such as the fact that Apple TV + asked him to do the whole thing as one elevator pitch summarized in one sentence.

The background (in a little more than one sentence)

For those readers who had a terrible childhood and have therefore not read the series of novels to this day: Foundation consists essentially of three books that appeared from 1951. The original template was a series of short stories that Asimov wrote in May 1942 Astounding science fiction, published. The importance of books for the genre can hardly be overstated: In a survey by the broadcaster NPR on the best science fiction books of all time, “Foundation“In eighth place, behind”Fahrenheit 451“Ray Bradbury and before”Brave New World“By Aldous Huxley. Incidentally, both of the others have only recently been (re) adapted.

Inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire, Asimov puts us in a galactic empire that is on its last legs, even if nobody wants to admit it – nobody but the mathematician Hari Seldon (Jared Harris, Fringe). This not only predicts the imminent fall of the empire, but also a dark age of 30,000 years. But Seldon has a plan: A “Foundation, endowment“- said”Foundation“- could help to reduce the time to rise of a new civilization to a few hundred years. The original three volumes describe the further development as a historical epic, with great leaps in time, in which new characters are constantly confronted with new challenges.

You will soon be able to stream the Foundation series on Apple TV.



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