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Fans horrified! “What has become of you?”

Heidi Klum, 48, polarizes. Not everyone likes your revealing photos on Instagram. Now she gets to feel the displeasure of her fans.

Heidi Klum: Revealing photos on the net

This hobby could be her undoing: Tom Kaulitz takes pictures, Heidi Klum poses for him – mostly topless and with very few clothes on his body. “I think my husband wants your job“, she lets her photographer buddy Rankin know. But what for private couple album perhaps quite stimulating may have completely different consequences in public. Of course, Heidi does not keep the hot snapshots to herself, but posts them almost daily. What Heidi may not think about are the Impact on their future career.

Heidi Klum: Is she risking her job?

Because especially in prudish America is Nudity still a taboo in many places. Of course, the same applies in the USA: Sex sells! And stars like Cardi B owe their success to their openness – but they also sit not in serious family shows in the jury! Is Heidi risking her job at “America’s Got Talent”? Will she soon no longer be invited to popular talk shows?

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Heidi Klum: The fans protest

Many fans anyway the sex show gradually reaches. “What has become of you? The last two years are only to be ashamed of others“, writes an Instagram follower. Another says:

When she was with Seal, Heidi looked really classy. But now…

The mother of four herself has always been quite relaxed about the topic: “For me, the topic of nudity began as a child. We drove a lot to nudist beaches.” It clarifies:

We only have one life that we should enjoy. And you shouldn’t let yourself be dictated that after a certain age you should no longer wear or do some things. Who says there’s an age limit to go out, have fun, fall in love, or wear a bikini?

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Text: Anja Eichriedler

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