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Camila Cabello: Why she’s so successful

Camila Cabello
Why it is so successful

Singer Camila Cabello has written an impressive success story in recent years. But what makes them so special?

Camila Cabello (22) is unstoppable. Since leaving the girl group Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016, the Cuban-American singer has won one award after another, breaking one record after another.

For example, her worldwide number one hit “Havana” is the most streamed song of all time by a female artist. Her solo debut “Camila” climbed to number one on the iTunes charts in 109 countries on the day of its release in January 2018. In addition, she has prominent followers: Elton John (72) and Barack Obama (58), for example, have already come out as fans. It seems as if everything she touches turns to gold. Now follows their second album “Romance”, which will most likely be in no way inferior to all this.

Inspired by love

Even the single “Señorita”, a duet with pop singer Shawn Mendes (21), was the most streamed song of the summer, according to the streaming provider Spotify. The fact that her new album is called “Romance” apparently also has Mendes a part in this. Because the two are said to be a couple since May 2018. In an interview with the magazine “Elle” she said: “I experienced for the first time what it is like to fall in love.” This made her more emotional and her songs more personal.

Love seems to have inspired Cabello and the great media attention that her romance brought with it, also because of the long secrecy, was certainly not a bad PR.

Broad musical spectrum

In addition to the hype surrounding her person, the broad musical spectrum that Cabello serves is a big piece of the puzzle that contributes to her success. Because instead of shooting herself into Latin pop, as might be expected due to her origins, the 22-year-old prefers to try herself out. Danceable EDM is lined up with snappy R&B and soulful pop ballads. The Latin vibe is nevertheless cleverly woven in. In addition, there is Cabello’s seductive voice, which she also knows how to use with the greatest variance.

Reminiscent of Beyoncé’s career

The steep career of Cabello is reminiscent of the career of singer Beyoncé (38), who only rose to the ranks of superstars after the end of the girl group Destiny’s Child. Cabello has what it takes to climb to similar heights. With her second album she is further on the way to these spheres.


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