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California: Caitlyn Jenner’s election campaign leaves behind a mountain of debt

Caitlyn Jenner once won the gold medal at the Olympic Games, became a reality star through the TV show »Keeping Up With The Kardashians« and now appears as a trans activist. Now she wants to become the first transgender governor in the US state of California. But apparently the campaign of Kim Kardashian’s ex-stepmother just before the election on September 14 has caused a mountain of debt. This was reported, among other things, by »Politico«.

Jenner raised $747,000 in donations for her campaign, but has already spent $910,000. Jenner is a Republican. With the amount of donations she has collected, she is in the middle of her ranks below her competitors. But no one has as much money at his disposal as incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom, who raised $40 million for his campaign.

Democrat Newsom was only elected to office in 2018. But after a scandal over a nobel dinner last year, his opponents achieved a “recall” – a referendum on the possible recall of the incumbent governor.

In the most populous US state with 40 million people, voters would then have to decide whether they want to be voted out of the election and which candidate should succeed Newsom. In addition to Jenner, a former actress, a pin-up girl and the former US ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, have also justified their interest in the post.

A platform for automatic donations

Jenner spends a lot of money on the election campaign. She paid around $182,000 to the fundraising platform WinRed, which is very popular among Republicans in the election campaign and was also used by Donald Trump.

The platform is under criticism because, according to consumer advocates, donors are being tricked into donating more money than they intended. Donors must clear check boxes to ensure that their accounts are not debited regularly. It can therefore be difficult to stop or undo automatic deductions.

Jenner also sells merchandise products through the site, including dog leashes for $32.

$1800 for sushi

The campaign has transferred about $67,000 to Parscale Strategy, LLC, the company of former Trump campaign strategist Parscale. Among the bill issued by Parscale were $1,800 for a “staff meeting” at an expensive sushi restaurant and $1,300 for a limo service.

Jenner’s campaign spokesman said there was a stable number of donors and supporters and promised that “the campaign will be fully funded to enter the final stages of the election with the necessary resources to end Gavin Newsom’s time as governor.”

He added that the candidate has a “99 percent profile,” while “other candidates have to spend a lot of money to increase their name identification.” So far, however, Jenner’s notoriety does not seem to be able to be converted into political approval. In a survey by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies last week, she was in fifth place – with three percent approval.

Caitlyn Jenner is 71 years old. She won the gold medal as a decathlete at the 1976 Olympic Games. She is best known for the TV show »Keeping Up With The Kardashians«. After coming out as a transgender in the spring of 2015, Jenner shot two seasons of the reality show »I Am Cait«, which showed her life as a woman. In 2016, she supported Trump’s US election campaign. Later, however, she criticized the Trump administration’s reversal of a policy on trans people’s access to public school toilets.

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