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Trouble for Disney: Emma Stone to think about lawsuit

Emma Stone took on the lead role in the film “Cruella”. Now she could sue Disney, as the work was released in the cinema and at the same time on Disney+.

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Emma Stone could sue Disney for breach of contract. She would follow the example of Scarlett Johansson.

Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s top actresses these days. She won the Oscar in 2017 as Best Actress in the film “La La Land” and earlier this year she played the role of Cruella De Vil in the Disney film “Cruella”*. Even a year before the broadcast, the film enjoyed great popularity. But since the Release on May 28, 2021 not everything seems to be flowery for the actress.

Disney’s Made Big Profit During the Corona Pandemic Thanks to Disney+

Disney Hired in the Corona Pandemic new business model Before: A streaming service called Disney+ on which the Disney movies and series can be broadcast and watched. By having the cinemas during the Lockdowns could not visit, the platform became a great success.

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Many actors take a critical view of Disney+

But some actors are rather critical of Disney’s handling of the new streaming service. A few days earlier, “Black Widow” lead actress Scarlett Johansson to the blow. They Disney sued for breach of contract. The actors are paid more the higher their cinema fee. But there is a problem here: Disney released “Black Widow” and “Cruella” simultaneously in the cinema and on Disney+. This reduced cinema revenues, as many people prefer to watch their favorite movies at home.

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Emma Stone: She too could take action against Disney

Soon the next lawsuit by the US actress Emma Stone. Like fellow actor Scarlett Johansson, she has: lost a lot of money. That would most likely not have happened if Disney had only broadcast the film in the cinema according to the contract. According to several media reports, she could consider legal action along with Emily Blunt, whose blockbuster “Jungle Cruise” also landed on the streaming service.

Video: Scarlett Johansson sued Disney

Disney’s response to the actors’ complaints

However, Disney reacted to this. uncomprehending, informed, among other things, MTV. The film company accuses Scarlett Johansson of don’t take the global pandemic seriously and behave inconsiderate. Disney has already confirmed that it wants to defend itself against Johansson’s lawsuit, according to further reports. * is an offer from IPPEN. MEDIA.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: This is what the actors look like today

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in the series
In 2005, the 1st season of “Grey’s Anatomy” started with Ellen Pompeo as the main character Meredith Grey. © ABC/imago-images
Actress Ellen Pompeo at an event.
Pompeo has remained true to her role to this day – and she will also play in the 18th season of “Grey’s Anatomy”. © Birdie Thompson/imago-images
Chandra Wilson in the series
Not only Ellen Pompeo has been there since 2005: Actress Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey) was also in front of the camera for the 1st season of the series. © ABC/imago-images
Chandra Wilson at an event.
Wilson doesn’t want to take off her doctor’s coat so quickly: she has already signed a contract for the 18th season. © Shoko Aoki/imago-images
James Pickens Jr. in the series “Grey”‘s Anatomy”.
Another “Grey’s Anatomy” veteran: James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber. © ABC/imago-images
James Pickens Jr. at an event.
He also returns to the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” for the 18th season. © Kay Blake/imago-images
Actor Justin Chambers in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) started his career with Meredith at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. © ABC/imago-images
Actor Justin Chambers at an event.
Unfortunately, Justin Chambers turned his back on the series after season 16. © David Edwards/imago-images
Sandra Oh in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Sandra Oh played the doctor Cristina Yang for years, who was considered Meredith’s best friend. © ABC/imago-images
Actress Sandra Oh in the series “Killing Eve”.
Oh dropped out after season 10. Currently, the actress is clearing countless awards with her new series “Killing Eve”. © BBC America/imago-images
Patrick Dempsey in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Patrick Dempsey played Meredith’s love interest Dr. Derek Shepherd. © ABC/imago-images
Actor Patrick Dempsey in the series “Devils”.
After Derek’s tragic fate in the 11th season, the actor has sought new challenges. He can currently be seen in the series “Devils”. © Matteo Nardone/imago-images
Katherine Heigl in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Actress Katherine Heigl played fan favorite Izzie Stevens for a total of six seasons. © ABC/imago-images
Actress Katherine Heigl in the Netflix series “Always there for you”.
The fans’ wish for Izzie to return to the hospital never came true. Heigl can currently be seen in new productions, such as the Netflix series “Immer für dich da”. © Netflix
T. R. Knight in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
George (T. R. Knight) came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with Meredith. © ABC/imago-images
T. R. Knight at an event.
After only Season 5, George’s story took a tragic turn. But this much can be revealed: Fans will see him again in the 17th season. © Christine Chew/imago-images
Eric Dane in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Eric Dane took over the role of Mark Sloan from the 2nd season of “Grey’s Anatomy”. © ABC/imago-images
Actor Eric Dane at an event.
In the 9th season, the actor has dropped out and has been starring in the series “Euphoria” since 2019. © imago-images
Sara Ramírez in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Sara Ramírez appeared as extroverted doctor Callie Torres in “Grey’s Anatomy”. © ABC/imago-images
Sara Ramírez at an event.
For eleven seasons she worked at the hospital in Seattle. Since then, Ramírez has occasionally worked as an actress and also as a singer. © Nancy Kaszerman/imago-images

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