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The harrowing sequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time

With Shining, master director Stanley Kubrick made one of the best horror films of all time. The film adaptation of the Stephen King novel has unique images such as Jack Nicholson’s manically distorted face in the crack in the door, the twin sisters in the hotel corridor or the elevator, from which a wave of blood slowly flows.

On Netflix you can now stream Doctor Sleep’s Awakening, which is based on Stephen King’s literary sequel to Shining. The film impressively shows that a great one Classics taken a step further without trampling on the original and going independent ways.

Doctor Sleep’s Awakening mixes horror from the past with melancholy drama on Netflix

In the sequel, Ewan McGregor plays the adult Danny, who originally discovered the psychic gift of the Shining as a little boy. In the presence of Doctor Sleep’s Awakening, Danny is a broken alcoholic who, despite his abilities, wanders aimlessly through life looking for inner peace. Then a young girl appears who has the same gift and chased by a sect who inhale the shining like a drug.

Check out the German trailer for Doctor Sleeps Awakening:

Doctor Sleep – Final Trailer (German) HD


After a disturbing start, the film splinters after several leaps in time into individual parts, the director Mike Flanagan (Haunted Hill House) slowly to one melancholy-scary odyssey puzzles together. Even if the adult Danny Torrance is at the center of the plot, surprisingly he is not the decisive protagonist.

The character played by Ewan McGregor with traumatized vulnerability is rather decisive for that different moods and motives of the film. Doctor Sleeps Awakening is not a pure horror film. Flanagan occasionally conjures up nostalgic horror directly from Kubrick’s iconic imagery. Otherwise, his vision unfolds unpredictably between personal drama, straightforward thriller and bizarre fantasy.

On the one hand, that is surreal sect delirium, with jumps into other bodies or from one scene to the next. On the other side of the Emotional horrorwho welds characters together based on past or upcoming family tragedies. And when the return to the beginnings is due in the finale, goose bumps are inevitable.

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