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The family was finally destroyed ·

In an interview, producer Hiram Garcia spoke about Dwayne Johnson’s “Fast & Furious” plans and the progress of the “Hobbs & Shaw” sequel.

He is arguably the biggest star in the “Fast & Furious” series: But Universal’s long-lasting action film series will have to do without Dwayne Johnson for better or for worse. Director Justin Lin, who has directed five of the nine films so far, had stoked the hope that the entire family, including the renegades Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, would come together again on the big screen for the big double final of the main series could:

“They were never gone to me, you know. For me they are still part of this universe, they are part of the family. Whatever we do, whenever we talk about the next chapter, I never feel like I have any limitations. So I look forward to whatever we’re building. And as we head towards this final chapter of the saga, I look forward to exploring every character, every situation. Everything is possible.”

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However, Johnson has already rejected the return to the main series. He wishes the entire team all the best for the outstanding films “Fast & Furious 10” and “Fast & Furious 11”; but he himself will no longer be there. Hiram Garcia, producer and Johnson’s business partner at Seven Bucks Productions, confirmed in an interview with Collider that there will definitely be no return to the main series:

“After filming ‘Fast & Furious 8’ was over, DJ (Dwayne Johnson, editor’s note) made the clear decision to close with the ‘Fast & Furious’ chapter for obvious reasons. He has said goodbye to everyone and turned to new ways of storytelling. So while he won’t be in ‘F10’ and ‘F11’, it won’t affect our ‘Hobbs’ plans. All of these characters clearly exist in the same ‘almost’ universe and we want to see all aspects of that universe flourish and bloom. We just have very specific plans for what we’re going to do with the Hobbs character and I think the fans will love it! We’re working on delivering something unique and new and we know the studio can’t wait for us to get started as soon as possible. “

What’s next for the “Fast & Furious” saga? In this Video you will find out:

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What is the possible reason for the cancellation?

By the “obvious reasons” Garcia is certainly referring to the squabbling of alpha males Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson on the set of “Fast & Furious 8”. The two had supposedly spoken out and reconciled again. Shortly before the theatrical release of “Fast & Furious 9”, however, Diesel let it be known that he had deliberately provoked the argument in order to tease the last ounce of acting out of Johnson.

Then the 49-year-old Johnson replied that he had “laughed heartily” at Diesel’s statement. It is possible that the decision to definitely turn your back on the main series was only made with this statement from Diesel. At least there is a good deal of criticism of Johnson’s acting skills. An unparalleled diss. And since Diesel is the clear number one in the “Fast & Furious” series, he is also one of the producers, Johnson would have had to submit if he would have returned in the final. Two egos clashing. That would probably not have turned out well.

That’s why Johnson has his “Hobbs & Shaw” spin-off. According to Garcia, the team is currently in the process of finding the right approach to the sequel. But “we have some very big ideas”. “Fast & Furious 9” is currently showing in German cinemas.

The “Fast & Furious” series is not only one of the longest-lived in the cinema, it also doesn’t include any superheroes. What else do you know about them?

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