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Ryan Reynolds wanted to make a short film about Bambi killers

During the Free Guy promotional tour, lead actor Ryan Reynolds spoke in an interview about a short film pitch he proposed to Disney some time ago. However, the idea was rejected relatively quickly. In his short film, he wanted Deadpool to meet Bambi’s mother’s killer. The story wasn’t going to be about revenge – instead, Deadpool wanted to befriend the killer.

“The gist of all of this is that Deadpool is actually just a huge fan. He doesn’t question him – he just wants to know how to become the most hated Disney character in Disney history … and of course Disney meant just ‘Well, I don’t think this will ever happen’. “

Some time later, Ryan Reynolds tried another pitch, which was also accepted by Disney. In it, Deadpool and Korg from Thor: Ragnarok react to the new trailer from Free Guy, which will be shown in German cinemas from August 12, 2021. The voice of Korg takes on Taika Waititi, who can be seen alongside Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy. He is also known as the director of Thor: Ragnarok or the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Strictly speaking, the crossover is also Deadpool’s first appearance with an MCU character. With the takeover of Fox, the Marvel hero will appear in the distant future with his own film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Crossover: Deadpool and Korg in the trailer for Free Guy

Source: IGN

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