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Podcasts about Britney Spears – Critical Gossip

Moderation: Mike Herbstreuth

Two people speak into a pink megaphone on which
The hosts of the podcast “Toxic” have triggered a new wave of protest for Britney Spears against her father’s guardianship with the episode “Free Britney”. (imago images / Zuma Wire / Arielle Bader)

Of course, podcasts now also tell the story of Britney Spears. But do they really have to sound like true-crime formats and charge the material with fictional elements?

Britney Spears is one of the best-known musicians of all time, and just back in the charts – but not in the pop charts, but in the podcasts charts: Over 20 podcasts cavort on the platforms that deal with Britney Spears – and partly also with the guardianship that her father has exercised over her for a good 13 years.

About Podcast - The Podcast Magazine at Apple PodcastSpears’ fight against this guardianship is also the hook for two of the most listened to Britney podcasts currently: “Pieces Of Britney” by the BBC and “Toxic: The Britney Spears Story”.

A perfect story – to exploit it in the media

It is a bombastic story, charged by the metoo and mental health debates. But it is also an ideal story to exploit in the media.

About Podcast - The Podcast Magazine on SpotifyModerator Mike Herbstreuth talks to sociologist and blogger Nadia Shehadeh about the different presentation of the story in the podcast and the question of what is being neglected.

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