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New to Netflix: Violent horror film causes horror and horror

There are a total of ten plagues in the Bible that God is bringing upon the people of Egypt. One of them is a huge plague of locusts. And that is exactly the template for a film that has been available on Netflix since August 6, 2021 and which should give fans of violent horror films a pleasant shiver: “Swarm of horrors” or “The Swarm” is the name of the horror film.

Originally, it would even have run at the Cannes Film Festival in 2020 had it not been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film, which comes from France, will only be shown in cinemas in its home country, Spain and China; Netflix has secured the exclusive rights for the rest of the world – and the trailer already suggests that it will be heated up thanks to the voracious locusts .

Netflix: Bloodthirsty locusts attack

"Swarm of horrors" starts on Netflix.
“Swarm of Horrors” launches on Netflix.


In “Swarm of Terror”, the focus is on the children Laura and Gaston. The siblings live on a farm with their mother Virginie and raise locusts there. It is not easy for them: money worries are the order of the day, the neighbors are also unpleasant. But because everyday life like this is not scary enough on its own, the locusts develop a healthy appetite for blood at some point – and begin to nibble on cattle and people.

Apart from the fact that a locust plague also appears in the Bible, the concept is still relatively unused. Film buffs will be somewhat reminded of the 1957 sci-fi film “Beginning of the End”, which had a similar premise. Today, however, locusts can be portrayed much more realistically as brutal killing machines – and thus ensure a few gruesome hours in front of the television.

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