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Kultursommer Oberndorf – Open Air Events with Rea Garvey, Die Happy and LaBrassBanda

(Display). Just under two weeks to go: On 20 August, the Oberndorf Cultural Summer starts. The festival has big names: Rea Garvey, Die Happy and LaBrassBanda are coming. In addition, the comedian Heinrich del Core, the hard rockers of Axxis and local greats. The organizer promises: Everything will be corona-compliant. Tickets are available at

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Festival from 20 August to 12 September

The Kultursommer Oberndorf – a festival that offers a broad cultural programme in compliance with the Corona Ordinance. This is what the organizers, the Oberndorfer GiG-Factory and DTS Veranstaltungstechnik promise. In the period from 20 August to 12 September 2021, numerous concerts and comedy performances will take place. A new edition of the successful premiere in 2020.

Keyword: Corona

According to their own statements, the organizers ensure that the festival can be corona-compliant. There are marked walkways and a hygiene concept.

Currently, the incidence in the district of Rottweil is 20 15.7. Thus, the rules for incidence level 2 (up to 35, see step-by-step plan) apply. This means that 750 people are currently allowed on the square. The organizers have stated that it can go without a mask. However, the 3G concept applies, so visitors to the Cultural Summer must be able to prove that they have recovered, vaccinated or tested. There will be a test offer on site. However, the organizers recommend bringing a current day test, which significantly shortens the waiting time at the entrance.

All program items take place in any weather.

The Program

Friday, August 20, Sun & Soda Festival

The Oberndorf Cultural Summer starts with the “Sun & Soda” festival, which features well-known DJs such as “Vol2Cat” and local greats. Clubbers can expect everything from house to electronic dance music.

Saturday, August 21, Rea Garvey

A first highlight: the pandemic-friendly “The Yellow Jacket Summer Session” with Rea Garvey – the singer of the former band Reamonn, known for hits like “Supergirl”. As a solo artist, he also convinces, delivering hits such as “Oh My Love” and “The One”.

When Rea Garvey broadcast his »Yellow Jacket Sessions« on the Internet for the first time in March 2020, no one could have guessed how long the live dry spell would actually last. The new format went through the roof with great talents, guests and performances, but the most important thing was always missing: the fans. Rea Garvey finally wants to look them in the eye again – and is therefore bringing the »The Yellow Jacket Summer Sessions« on a major tour of Germany for the first time in summer 2021.

Sunday, 22 August, Bauernkapelle Trichtingen and Children’s Theatre

A day for the whole family. The Trichtinger Bauernkapelle will perform for a morning pint. The Bauernkapelle Trichtingen is the small cast of the Musikverein. From 3 p.m., a play for children will be shown: “The Princess on the Pea”. Admission is free.

Thursday, August 26, Heinrich del Core

Fun and good entertainment: The second weekend starts on Thursday with the comedian Heinrich del Core. With his sympathetic, Swabian lightness, half the rest of Italy knows how to reproduce everyday situations in such detail, combining Dolce Vita and Swabian virtues in perfection that the audience is immediately captivated and cannot get by with his charm.  An incomparable mix of situational comedy, charisma and wit. With Heinrich Del Core, Italy, Germany, comedy and cabaret meet.

Friday, August 27, and Saturday, August 27, “O.M.I Open”-Air, Day One

Ready to go: The O.M.I.-Open Air 2021 takes off!  On 27 and 28 August, the elephant car park in Oberndorf will be occupied – not least due to the commitment of INITIATIVE MUSIK. With hopefully the best weather, BETONTOD, LE FLY and THE GREEN WAVE will heat you up on Friday. And on Saturday, the legends of TANKARD together with MR. HURLEY AND THE POWDER MONKEYS, INSANITY ALERT and TRAITOR will thrash their way through the program. “Like Bolle, we are happy that we can go live again – and then also with such chic bands,” said the organizers. “Come by and celebrate with us a piece of resurrection of the cultural scene!”

Friday, September 3rd, Afterwork Party with DJ Webster

EStart the summer evening relaxed: That’s what you can do at the after-work party with DJ Webster.

Saturday, September 4, Axxis, Chris Bay and Sirius Curse

The brilliant evening for fans of the harder pace. The organizers offer three crackers for the fans of heavy metal, hard rock and power metal. First the Rottweiler band Sirius Curse around singer Peter Hirsch. In addition, Chris Bay, frontman of “Freedom Call”. And then the cult rockers of “Axxis” make the stage shake again, as in the previous year.

With numerous festivals at home and abroad (including for the first time in Russia) as well as an anniversary tour in selected cities and two big birthday concerts in Memmingen and Bochum, AXXIS celebrated its thirtieth birthday last year. Within a few weeks, the first Blu-Ray in the band’s history “Bang Your Head With AXXIS” and the double CD “Best Of EMI-Years” were also released. Rooted in the traditional heavy rock of the seventies and eighties, they have found their own style over the years, which can be attached to immensely catchy melodies a la “Living In A World”. The anthem of the debut is still considered the highlight of every gig and a prime example of the typical AXXIS song. Bernhard’s distinctive vocal style is also another absolutely trademark characteristic that makes AXXIS unmistakable. But the superstructure of this basic structure is always different. The constant change is in the details of the likeable guys.

It is a well-known dilemma that the founder and frontman of the band Freedom Call shares with many other composers:
Occasionally, his wealth of ideas goes beyond the stylistic and thematic framework of his own band. “I’m a permanent songwriter who constantly tinkers with ideas in the studio,” he explains, “so over the years a number of pieces have accumulated that on the one hand don’t fit Freedom Call, but on the other hand are too bad to gather dust in my archive.”

Five musicians and a shared passion for real, pure heavy metal. This is the essence of SIRIUS CURSE. Since the 90s they have been on stage in different bands, such as EXTERIOR. The common past still welds together today. In the classic lineup, sophisticated metal songs are created that include guitar solos, melodic and polyphonic vocals as well as merciless riffing: Back to Heavy Metal Basics. On the recordings, the sophisticated compositions and the precise playing of the boys are convincing. Live is added to all this the power of the band members as well as the brute force of the sound structure. A sustainable experience…

Sunday, September 5, The Happy (unplugged)

Again something very special. The German alternative rock/metal band “Die Happy” plays unplugged in Oberndorf. Support: the local heroes of Bebo 104.

“Seven years have passed since “EVERLOVE”, the last album of Die Happy and GUESS WHAT? In April 2020, GUESS WHAT! the ninth studio record of the band, which has been rocking the big and small stages of Europe for over 25 years and more than 1200 concerts. And GUESS WHAT? It’s still popcore with powerful grooves and choruses to roar along.And GUESS WHAT? Four became five! With long-time friend Robert Kerner (ex-Bakkushan) on guitar, the quartet has received live reinforcement and will shoot the riffs around the fans’ ears in “stereo” in the futureAlso GUESS WHAT? It gets energetic, as you are used to from DIE HAPPY. There is time to take a deep breath during the spontaneous and legendary stories of frontwoman Marta. With her captivating nature, she makes every concert a unique event, where you never really know what you will hear.

Bebo 104, that’s Alternative Punk Grunge, since 2017. Since their first EP “Stupid Useless Brainless” and their appearance at the Easter Cross Festival, Bebo 104 have become an integral part of the music scene around Oberndorf am Neckar. Their songs range from shrill and dirty to gentle and soulful, reminiscent of the alternative rock music of the 90s and early 2000s.

Thursday, September 9, Thomas Fröschle alias Topas

n his new comedy program Ende Legende fröschle shows where we are deceived in everyday life! It reveals whether we were really on the moon. How the push up bra works. How hotel rooms pretend freshness to us. Why never before has an ostrich stuck its head in the sand. Why there is no ear, nose and throat doctor at Playmobil. What the bird of the year would say at the award ceremony. And the Fröschle demonstrates that we have no free will habut life is still quite beautiful. An evening full of amazing insights awaits you.

Friday, 10 September, Troglauer and Gäumoggel

Volxrock is offered by the “Troglauer” and the Swabians of “Gäumoggel”.

Only once did the six boys from the northern Upper Palatinate want to stand on stage in this constellation and play “Heavy Volxmusic”. But the fans present made her perform again. And then again. And suddenly they played almost a hundred times a year, had their first record contract with Sony/BMG in their pocket after only four years. Since then, they have appeared regularly in the most famous television shows (ARD: “immer wieder sonntags”, “Musikantenstadl”/”Stadlshow”, regular guest in the “ZDF-Fernsehgarten”, SAT1, RTL, RTL2, MTV and many more).

Swabian, hearty and obacha ql – this is what Gäumoggel describes best! The band from the Gäu plays party music suitable for marquees in Swabian dialect.

Saturday, September 11, LaBrassBanda & Support

LaBrassBanda is the band around lead singer Stefan Dettl, which has created its own niche with its energetic dance music and Bavarian lyrics. Songs such as “Autobahn” or “Nackert”, the latter brought her to second place in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, demand full physical commitment from every fan at their spectacular live concerts and create an incredible atmosphere in the crowd. When wild trumpet solos meet heavy basses of the tuba, the audience is alternately heated up and forced to its knees. The recipe for the success of LaBrassBanda: Take a large portion of brass music and mix it with polka, Balkan beats and dancefloor rhythms; add some jazz, mariachi, gypsy, techno and tuba and then garnish the whole thing with lyrics in Bavarian dialect – the unmistakable wind sound of the fiery brass band from overseas at The Chiemsee is ready!

Sunday, 12 September, Stadtkapelle Oberndorf

The performance of a brass band concludes the cultural summer.


More under and tickets are available by phone 07423/8 70 60 20 and online at venue is the elephant parking lot Oberndorf, Austraße 14.

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