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Interview with Anna Kendrick: Just Sing!

Anna Kendrick

The second part of the Trolls universe “Trolls World Tour” will be available from April 23 to borrow for home. That’s why we didn’t miss the time to sit down with Anna Kendrick, the dubbing voice of main character Poppy, and talk about the film. You already know her from movies like “Pitch Perfect”, “Up in the Air” or “The last five Years”. She not only speaks in the film, but also sings together with Justin Timberlake and many other world-famous artists in this animation musical.

The cast of the first part has already delivered a whole host of big names. In the second part, however, even more world stars from the music industry have now been added. How did it feel to work with Ozzy Osbourne or Mary J. Blige?

Of course, the first movie already had Justin Timberlake, James Cordon and Icona Pop with it and it was just so exciting to be in this movie. For the second film, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige and Ozzy Osborne were brought on board. At some point there were so many great people that I briefly thought about whether they still wanted me in the movie. Of course, there are many others. I just found it exciting that everyone really wanted to participate. On the other side of the coin, I was also very grateful that they still wanted me for the job.

It made me feel good about the first film because I knew so many talented people were happy to be part of the second film. I think that speaks for the great world that the animators have created here.

How does such a shoot actually work with an animated film? After all, there is no regular set.

It’s different from real movie sets, where there is actually a so-called “video village”. With an animated film, it’s just the recording studio and I’m usually alone. In the first part, Justin and I had a dialogue together. We thought it was hilarious and it was a hell of a lot of fun, but the producers didn’t really get much out of the scene because we were constantly talking in between.

I asked them to show me as much as possible because the footage of the film is so incredible, the characters, but also the world they live in, are so enchanting, colorful and exciting.

So that I could really put myself in the character’s shoes, the producers put together a small package of scenes for me. So I saw as much of the film as possible and was able to prepare myself optimally for my role. In addition, I got a really good impression of the world and how it is structured.

What connection do you see between yourself and the character Poppy?

I like that Poppy is a leader, but in the same breath he also comes across as somehow girlish. I think there was a trend towards such tomboys for a while. This was so exciting and so wonderful that girls who are interested in things traditionally meant for boys were really represented.

But I really like that Poppy is a leader who is somehow unmoved girlish. She likes things that are traditionally feminine, but she can also be really strong and radiate a leader. I like that in this movie she is no longer Princess Poppy, but Queen Poppy. She learns to listen. Definitely something I can empathize with. Sometimes I don’t listen as well as I talk.

Trolls World Tour

What do you think is the message of the film?

It’s definitely a message about diversity and inclusion, and it’s about the fact that we don’t all have to be the same. Everyone has different experiences in life and has a different view of things. This should be celebrated. The fact that we don’t all have to be the same.

What do you say to people who don’t want to see this movie because of its look?

I think the appearance is one of the best reasons to see this movie. Of course, the music is also one of the best reasons to watch the film. Already in the first film this was really great, but the second film puts the crown on the whole thing. Unlike the first movie, which had a lot of cover songs, there is now a lot To listen to original music.

Justin and the team have written so many great songs that I think would be on everyone’s playlist. No matter how old that person may be. The music is fantastic and the movie is very funny. For me personally, this is one of the most important points about animated films, that they are very funny. Finds Nemo is a good example.

When Justin and I saw the second Trolls movie for the first time, we thought, “Wow, that’s really hilarious!” There are so many great visual jokes and players, but of course also written jokes in the dialogues. The film is really a package full of humor and wit.

Trolls World Tour

Have you ever had the fun of watching one of your films in a different language? As a spectator, especially in musicals, it is certainly interesting to compare one’s own voice with that of a voice actor.

I looked at small excerpts of my films in other languages. By chance, I made a film here in Berlin six years ago. That’s when I first learned that you have your films dubbed here to a large extent and don’t watch so often in another language with subtitles.

When I was home, I searched for a few clips of “Up in the Air” on YouTube and watched them on German. It was quite funny to see me talking in German. I have also seen the clips of Trolls in a variety of languages.

We’ve heard you sing in a lot of movies, the Pitch Perfect trilogy, “The Last Five Years” and now in the troll movies. Have you ever thought about releasing a standalone album?

Not really, to be honest. I think the film industry is crazy enough and the music industry seems to be a lot crazier. The music industry seems to me like a constant exercise of madness. So no, a real studio album wasn’t on my list yet. I prefer to stick to the film music.

In which place would you put the second Trolls film on your personal top list of all the films in which you yourself have starred?

So for me personally, it’s much more enjoyable to watch the Trolls movie because I don’t see myself on the screen all the time, I just hear my voice. That would be kind of strange to me. In addition, I can enjoy a true animation festival and really switch off during the film. So I would put trolls at the top of this list. I wouldn’t like to watch the movies I play in as much as trolls.

Is a possible third part already planned and would you be willing to lend Poppy her voice again?

Of course, I am absolutely open to a third part. The question of whether a second part should be produced at all has only arisen in how the story is designed. Do the writers manage to invent a great story and thus enrich the world of trolls? Instead of just looking at how to make the most money with the franchise

Internally, of course, we knew that the first part was going well and we would all be ready for a second part. And as you can see, a great story has been written and so many great artists have been on board.

In a third part, it would be the same. Once a good story is on the table and something new and exciting comes along, I don’t see anything that could stand in the way of production.

Dear Anna, thank you very much for your time and the great interview. We are already looking forward to a third part.

Photos: Universal Pictures Germany

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