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Farewell to “Alarm for Cobra 11” – after 700 explosions is over

Dear Readers,

apart from the exploding cars, what do you associate with “Alarm for Cobra 11”? That’s right: Erdogan Atalay. While his series partners – and most recently also a partner – changed again and again, the actor was there from start to finish. Without the detective Inspector Semir Gerkhan, who he played, the RTL crime series is inconceivable. But now it’s over: The last episodes “Alarm für Cobra 11” will be shown on TV on August 12, they are already streamable on TV Now.

The end of the classic came as a surprise to many. Even for Atalay, as he says in an interview with my colleague Cornelia Wystrichowski.

The series was internationally successful, was broadcast in around 120 countries. So why the attitude? According to Atalay, “Alarm for Cobra 11” was also the most expensive production in Europe, and since “RTL had high losses in advertising revenues due to the pandemic, the station had to part with a few formats”.

That didn’t just catch the fans off guard. But Atalay holds out the prospect that there could be another feature film special. Then the 700 (!) Explosions of the past 25 “Cobra” years are added. On the other hand, the main actor will now have a lot of time, one might think when looking at the statistics. Over his entire time with the fictitious highway police, he sat in the mask for a complete three months, on 4800 days he filmed for it. He deserves a break. Even if he is obviously not looking for them: Atalay hopes for new role offers, is also currently writing a book. We are curious to see what comes for him after the long time as Semir Gerkhan.

But now it’s one last time: “Your territory is the highway.” Have fun watching the last episodes, reading our interview with Atalay – and of course our other crime tips, which may be a little comforting about the “Cobra” ending.

Your Hannah Scheiwe


“Bosch” says Bye: The fair cop returns the brand

Generational change: Maddie “Madds” (Madison Lintz) wants to join the Los Angeles police, Papa Harry (Titus Welliver) is working towards his suspension. © Source: picture alliance / Everett Collection

Last episodes of beloved series make you sad, says our editor Matthias Halbig. Nevertheless, he watched the seventh and final season of “Bosch” on Amazon Prime, in which the good, persistent cop from the LAPD ends his service. The department is dissolved, Detective Bosch is to go to West Hollywood. “Own job, different desk,” he remarks with his own laconic and also speaks well to his partner Jerry Edgar. Bosch is actually deeply worried: Contrary to expectations, police chief Irving was confirmed in office for another five years. He got the necessary voice for his willingness to make a crooked deal that would allow the FBI to catch some long-sought, medium-fat bunnies, with the thickest mafia roast escape Pena.

You can’t do that with Bosch. Even if driving the “Feds” into the parade could mean ruining their own careers. A new and final crime adventure with the well-known cop begins – a new fight for the good and the just. “We appreciate him for that. The good. Unconditional. Bosch goes its own way like Gary Cooper once did in ’12 noon’,” says our colleague in his review. But should it have been now? Not quite: For the fans of lead actor Titus Welliver, there is good news: There is a generational change, Bosch’s daughter Madds (Madison Lintz) has become a young woman, wants to give her life meaning and decides to join the LAPD. A series spin-off with Welliver and Lintz is in preparation.

The seventh season of “Bosch” is already streamable on Amazon Prime.

“Shiny Flakes”: Documentary about real nursery dealers behind the series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”

“How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” became a hit series on Netflix, currently the third and final season can be seen there. The hit was inspired by a true story from Leipzig – by the nursery dealer Maximilian Schmidt. And because the streaming service knows what its viewers want, it is now following up: with a documentary about them, called “Shiny Flakes”, according to Schmidt’s website, on which he offered drugs for sale.

Above all, Schmidt, who ticked off drugs worth millions from the room of his parents’ house, was convicted in 2015 and later released from prison and against which is currently being determined again, to speak. “In their documentary, Eva Müller and Michael Schmitt paint a portrait of a young man who drew his socialization and self-confidence as a teenager mainly from the Internet,” says RND critic Martin Schwickert. And: “Schmidt does not seem like an unworldly nerd, more like a self-made narcissist.” For fans of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” definitely a recommendation.

“Shiny Flakes” is already streamable on Netflix.

Pandemic crime thriller “Locked Down”: a jewel coup as a liberation blow for love

Through a criminal coup, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) get closer again. © Source: picture alliance / | HBO Max

Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) break up, but continue to live together because of the pandemic and lockdown. This is the beginning of the film “Locked Down”, which could introduce a typical love film. But he doesn’t: Because the romantic dramedy quickly becomes a heist movie when Linda is supposed to clear her company’s inventory from the noble department store Harrods – including a million-dollar diamond that was sold to an anonymous dictator – and the courier company for which Paxton works is supposed to take over the transport.

So the idea for a criminal coup is on the kitchen table. “The common crime becomes a liberation blow for the crisis-ridden love and at the same time reflects the very contemporary longing for a post-pandemic new beginning,” reports RND critic Martin Schwickert, who has already seen the film. Certain narrative bumps, which are probably due to the fact that the film was a pandemic quick shot, must be overlooked – but especially in the last third “Locked Down” really picks up speed.

The film “Locked Down” has been shown on Sky since yesterday.

Psychological thriller series “Cruel Summer”: in the chaos of hormones

“Cruel Summer” tells the chaos of puberty of an ordinary teenager as a psychological thriller. Right at the start of the worth seeing Amazon series, the young outsider with braces, glasses and village clothes makes a 360-degree turn to the influencer with breasts, boyfriend and city clothes, which, however, is followed one cut later by the next turn to the most hated woman in America.

Sounds confusing? It is, says RND critic Jan Freitag, who calls the timelines in the series “quite complicated”, but finds that they blur “very originally”. His enthusiastic conclusion: “Even the first 80 minutes of almost eight hours of streaming entertainment are so full of plot twists that any superfluous word could cause a drop in voltage.” He calls the series “worth seeing for all ages despite the continuous youth perspective”.

“Cruel Summer” has been available on Amazon Prime since Friday.

“Burnt Orange Heresy” with ancient stars on Sky: from art thriller to art thriller

“The Burnt Orange Heresy”: Ancient star Mick Jagger as Joseph Cassidy meets Claes Bang as James Figueras. © Source: Sony Pictures Classics/Entertainment Pictures/

“The art of making art over art consists, among other things, in not making it look like art, but presenting it somewhat naturally,” says RND author Jan Freitag. The much-praised painting drama “Burnt Orange Heresy”, which is now starting on Sky after a corona-related cinema break, succeeds quite well at the beginning. But then the flick, which develops from an art thriller to an art thriller, “becomes increasingly caught up in the thicket of superficiality”. The reflections on the nature of art are often their own.

In the film, ancient stars such as Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland become art experts, it is about an art theft. First of all, nothing speaks against it. But our author criticizes the appearance of the “antiquated old man’s set”. At the same time, he does not quite deny art drama the potential for a cinematic debate about art and its reception. “Not really bad, not really good, but somehow unpleasant,” he concludes.

“Burnt Orange Heresy” will be available to stream on Sky from August 9.

“Shorta – The Law of the Street”: Focus on police violence and racism in Denmark

“Shorta” is an Arabic word for “policeman”. It is also part of the title of this Danish crime film, which was even in the conversation as a Danish candidate for the Oscar for Best International Film. In the end, “Der Rausch” was preferred, which then also won the coveted trophy. But that’s what “Shorta – The Law of the Road” does” not worse: It is about two police officers who, after a case of police violence against an immigrant youth, are on the road in a (fictitious) suburban ghetto of Copenhagen – and come into conflict with the rioting young people from immigrant families.

The film, which begins as a social drama, quickly develops into a “hard-hitting action spectacle”, as RND critic Ernst Corinth reports: “A relentless hunt, a struggle for survival that is excitingly staged with all the elements that go with it.” Nevertheless, the film offers more than just a spectacle. The tension will be maintained until the end. And: “The fact that there are still open questions until the end is quite logical – especially in view of a complex topic that does not allow simple answers or a simple black-and-white drawing.”

“Shorta – The Law of the Street” will be shown on 10 August from 10.50 p.m. on ARD.

ZDF crime thriller “The Dead of Salzburg”: Holidays until dying

In the Salzach, the body of a Chinese-born tourist guide is found. Thus, the seventh film from the ZDF series “The Dead of Salzburg” begins with the episode title “Treibgut”. And even if the following crime story is not particularly complicated, RND critic Tilmann P. Gangloff considers the film to be a successful and carefully designed crime comedy. Like the previous episodes, he lives from the personal antipathy between Major Palfinger (Florian Teichtmeister) and the Upper Bavarian Grantler Mur (Michael Fitz). “The scheme also works famously in the seventh film, because the scripts regularly ensure that the two opponents treat each other with smugness,” our colleague is enthusiastic.

He also emphasizes the special attention to the secondary characters and calls them “more than just keyword givers”. They are likely to evolve. As an example, he cites Palfinger’s brother Sebastian, in the first stories pastor, who has been attracted to worldly things since the last episode and, thanks to his changing interests, offers all sorts of profound insights into the respective subject.

“Die Toten von Salzburg: Treibgut” will be shown on 11 August from 8.15 p.m. on ZDF.

Latest Investigations

Known from “Babylon Berlin”: Sky holds on to Volker Bruch despite participation in “Querdenken” demo

Nebulous: Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) during a shading at Friedrichstraße station. © Source: ARD Degeto/X-Filme/Beta Film/Sky

In the successful crime series “Babylon Berlin”, Volker Bruch plays one of the main characters: the inspector Gereon Rath. Away from the set, the actor is currently making headlines above all with his proximity to the “lateral thinker” scene. And while Bruch has so far only fished in the circle of the movement, he now also takes part in their demos and shows himself with radical representatives in photos. Bruch’s employers at “Babylon Berlin” have apparently decided not to interfere in this matter. RND editor Matthias Schwarzer analyzes the behavior.


Actor Erdogan Atalay on set. © Source: picture alliance /

Erdogan Atalay at the end of “Alarm for Cobra 11”: “Corona is to blame”

After 25 years, the crime classic “Alarm for Cobra 11” is discontinued, the last episodes run on August 12. Leading actor Erdogan Atalay, who has been there from the beginning, has “caught it completely cold”, as he tells in an interview with our author Cornelia Wystrichowski. He also talks about how exactly the series was discontinued, why he refused to speak with a Turkish accent at the start of the series in 1996, and what he plans to do now.

At the scene of the crime

A look at the new “Tatort” season

Not much longer, then the “Tatort” summer break is finally over and we can look forward to new cases of our favorite investigators. The Frankfurt duo Janneke and Brix will kick off on 29 August with “Wer zögert, ist tot”. Other exciting cases follow – including Lars Eidinger, who performs in two cases, and musician Udo Lindenberg. One person for whom we are still waiting in vain for the time being is Til Schweiger – no new case with him is yet in planning, as the NDR informs us. But no need to worry: There are enough other episodes of Germany’s most popular crime series in the pipeline. Editor Hannah Scheiwe has compiled an overview.

Number of fun facts

Also has something to do with the history of the “Tatort”: Udo Lindenberg. © Source: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters/POOL/dpa

Udo Lindenberg’s appearance in the bereiBy the way, t’s wacky “Tatort” with Maria Furtwängler is not the singer’s first reference to the crime series: he played the drums in the first version of the “Tatort” melody. The title music was composed by Klaus Doldinger in 1970 and slightly modified only twice over time – in 1979 and 2004.

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