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Anne Hathaway: “The Internet Hated Me” – Folks


Zig, diva, arrogant, arrogant.

This is how and worse Anne Hathaway was described in Hollywood for years. After winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 2013 film “Les Misérables,” it became even more dramatic. On social media, everyone found something wrong with her – sometimes she was too nice to her critics, the “Hathahaters”, then too hard, then too aloof.

“I remember when I googled my name. There were hate stories about me on the net for pages,” Hathaway told BILD am SONNTAG. “The internet hated me.”

Then the U-turn. Wedding with the producer Adam Shulman (39), two children, break from the cinema. “A good phase in my life. Two children can do it very quickly. They show you what real life looks like,” says Hathaway.

The said arrogance? No trace of it. Humorous, witty, charming, she appears in the video interview, in which her sons Jonathan (4) and Jack (1) appear in the background from time to time.

Mama Hathaway rolls her eyes, apologizes, keeps talking. “That’s everyday life today,” she says. “We spend a lot of time together during lockdown. A romantic evening for me today is watching an episode of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ with my husband on the sofa.”

Now she doesn’t care what people think about her, how they talk about her. “I’m happy with my life, with my family, that’s the only thing that matters.”

Hathaway with her husband Adam Shulman

Hathaway with her husband Adam ShulmanPhoto: action press

Time for new plans

But there was still time for filming. Last year, Anne Hathaway appeared in front of the camera for the tragicomedy “Locked Down”. In the film, she is about to break up with her boyfriend when the corona lockdown forces her to continue living together. Out of the situation, they plan a risky jewel theft.

In the real lockdown in Los Angeles, Anne Hathaway has turned her garage into a small office. And learned something. “I don’t panic so quickly anymore, and that comes from a person who is a real control freak,” she says with a laugh. “In addition, I quickly realized that in video conferences you can wear business upstairs and downstairs bedrooms. A fabulous advantage for business meetings.”

Anne Hathaway:
Photo: BILD

But she doesn’t want to reveal what she wears “below” during the BamS interview. How good that the kids come, want to play with mom and finish the interview.

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