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Jennifer Aniston reacts to criticism after announcement to anti-vaccination activists

US actress Jennifer Aniston is not squeamish with vaccine refusers. Anyone who considers a vaccination against Corona to be dispensable, with whom she no longer wants contact, the 52-Year-old angered in a recent interview.

As a result, she lost some people from her environment who refused to be vaccinated or did not want to reveal whether they were vaccinated. “That was unfortunate,” she said, without naming the specific people involved.

Aniston’s clear announcement apparently met with some incomprehension on social media. “If she is vaccinated, is she protected, correct?” asked one user. So why does Aniston worry about the unvaccinated around her?

The reaction of the actress (»Friends«) was clear. » These comments,” Aniston wrote in a story on Instagram next to a dejected smiley. Then she came up with an explanation: “If you have the variant, you can still infect me with it,” Aniston wrote. She herself could fall ill, but will probably not have to go to the hospital or die of Covid-19 after her vaccination.

»THAT’s why I’m worried«

However, as an infected person, she could infect someone whose health is ailing or who is pre-ill. Thus, even as a vaccinated person, she could endanger the lives of others. “THAT’s why I’m worried,” Aniston wrote. »We have to take care of more than just ourselves.«

Aniston had already advertised in the past via Instagram for the wearing of masks.

Using the example of a friend treated in the intensive care unit, she warned of the possible devastating consequences of Covid-19 disease.

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