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First image from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series hints at Middle-earth’s most terrifying villains

Tolkien fans have to reckon in decades. Seven years have passed since The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies last invited to Middle-earth. Therefore, something like a fantasy landslide has just happened: Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series now has a first picture and a release date. The first outlook is nothing short of a shock.

First picture of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series surprises fans

First picture of the Lord of the Rings series

So far, the following has been virtually agreed for the story of the series: Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series is set Thousands of years before Peter Jackson’s films in the so-called Second Age of the Tolkien World.

It should mainly be about the The heyday and the fall of the fabulous human kingdom of Númenor walk. The fate of the elven kingdoms, which were still magnificent and strong at this point in time, should also play a major role.

Lord of the Rings fans should now have recognized that the first picture in the series apparently depicts a completely different era: What can be seen here is probably the First Age in which the gods (so-called Valar) still interacted very directly with people and elves and the Tolkien world saw a villain far worse than Sauron later on.

Sauron as the all-seeing eye

That The very first signs of this are the light source in the picture: These are not suns, but two trees: the legendary trees of Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion.

These served in Valinor – the realm of the Tolkien gods – as the origin of light; their creation heralded the first age. It is also the historical classification that puzzles fans: The picture cannot possibly depict the Second Age, because the trees there have long been destroyed. And from Villain of all villains.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series could feature some of the worst Tolkien villains

We are talking about Melkor, the divine being of everything terrible, the archetypal evil and envious in the Tolkien world. Driven by curiosity, ambition and frustration, he turns against his godfather Eru Ilúvatar and his heavenly siblings and instigates an eternal conflict to which the two trees ultimately also fall victim. It is also interesting who Melkor, also known as Morgoth, called in as an intern: Sauron.

Melkor as fan art

In the First Age, he was seduced as a god-like being by the evil ruler and became his master. When he finally succumbed to his god brothers and sisters, Obermotz trainee Sauron also had to evaporate – to gain strength again in the second age.

The apprentice apparently had enough time to learn all the important lessons from his master: Shadowy aura, prickly armor and sinister attitude evidently come from Melkor, whose power, however, far exceeded that of his successor.

Can Lord of the Rings fans trust the first picture in the Amazon series?

The fact that the Lord of the Rings series has apparently deleted its allegedly most important villain also speaks for Melkor’s relevance in the Amazon adventure. Previously, from the official side, only the “greatest villain who ever sprang from Tolkien’s penWhat every fan of the films interpreted as Sauron, could also be Melkor.

Frodo and Sam still had it easy against Sauron

In addition to the trees, the other components of the picture also fit: near the city could it be the Elvish city of Tirion, which was near the trees. Their king was killed by Melkor after the trees were destroyed.

The figure in the foreground could possibly also be derived: After all, the young elf queen Galadriel is supposed to play a role in the Lord of the Rings series. She could be seen here – after all, she is related to the Elves of Tirion.

The only question would be to what extent fans can trust the image of Amazon. In other words: How representative is the bite that was thrown to the Tolkien disciples here? It could at least be a short flashback, while the main plot of the first season takes place in the Second Age as usual.

Returns in the Lord of the Rings series: Galadriel

How exactly the story of the still nameless Lord of the Rings series runs on Amazon will only be shown in time. And unfortunately there will be a little more of them until the release: The series is scheduled to start on September 2nd, 2022 on Amazon.

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What do you think of the first pictures of the Lord of the Rings series?



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