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Cheating Drama? Leon and Svenja are caught by Erik ·

With “Good times, bad times” there will be a real turning point in the next week. Leon is frustrated because Nina hardly has any more time for him. Svenja wants to cheer up the charming chef and is clearly successful … Warning, spoilers will follow!

In between Leon and Nina It’s been in crisis for a long time: The main reason for this is Nina’s promotion to W&L. Since the ambitious project manager was given more responsibility at the real estate company, she has been working continuously. Even a planned romantic break cannot prevent her from sitting at the laptop or making phone calls with her customers. Only when Leon breaks off the trip disappointed and leaves Nina behind in the apartment alone does the mother of two realize that she has overshot the mark. But even when she and Leon make up again, there is no improvement: on the contrary.

When Leon’s cooking show celebrates its premiere, Nina is called to an emergency on the construction site. Without any great apology, she leaves the event, which is so important for Leon, and runs away. Just Svenja notices that Leon is visibly bent and therefore persuades him to move around the houses with her – with fatal consequences …

The RTL-Daily has already brought together many series characters. You can see the most legendary couples in the Video:

Caught: Leon and Svenja get closer after a party night

Svenja and Leon celebrate the great success of the first cooking show together. GZSZ fans already know that the self-confident producer has been keeping an eye on the passionate chef for a long time. The two of them get along very well and think about which pub to go to next on the subway. The mood is visibly heated and Svenja throws intense glances at her counterpart. When she asks Leon if he is in the mood for an adventure, she makes short work and kisses the cook passionately. But at that very moment it also rises Erik into the compartment and has a clear view of the nocturnal lovebirds. You can see the sensitive scene in advance in the stream on TVNOW Premium.

How will the co-cook react? After all, he is with the daughter of Leon’s girlfriend and of course anything but unselfconscious. In any case, his shocked look speaks volumes. Will Nina soon find out about Leon’s slip, or will Leon and Svenja even secretly start an affair?

You will find out how things will continue in the coming weeks at RTL, where GZSZ always Mondays to Fridays from 7:40 p.m. is broadcast. In our GZSZ preview you can easily read what is going to happen soon in the Kolle-Kiez.

Love film quiz: can you recognize the film from the kiss scene?

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