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Camila Cabello attends anti-racism seminars | BRAVO

Camila Cabello is ashamed of her words

Singer Camila Cabello surprises their fans and the entire public with this news. She visited for weeks Anti-racism sessions. How does this happen? In December 2019, old posts of the musician came to light, which contained racist and offensive language. The whole incident was very uncomfortable for her and she expressed herself as follows: “When I was younger, I used a language that I am now deeply ashamed of and that I will forever regret.” She wanted to learn from her mistakes, so she attended weekly anti-racism meetings of the “National Compadres Network” organization over the past few months. She described this experience as follows: “It created a space where I was held accountable. You are corrected, you have homework and you are learning. That’s how you move forward. Now I know better.” But that’s not all that Camila Cabello has done.

That’s what Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello thought about each other at the first meeting

Camila Cabello goes one step further

Camila Cabello has the participation in the Anti-racism sessions so inspired that she went one step further. She donated $250,000 to ten different organizations that are committed to the promotion of justice regardless of origin and is co-founder of the “Healing Justice Project”. “I was uneducated and ignorant at the time. When I dealt with the story, I became aware of a lot. I have learned from the past and now I want to do better”, says the musician. Camila Cabello tries not to make a secret of this step, but takes their fans and the whole public with them and makes their change transparent. 💪🏻

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