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Billie Eilish, Katie Drives, Josie Paulus

In the loose section “Quick Run” current albums are scrutinized and reviewed in some sentences. This time with the second work by Billie Eilish, the debut of Katie Drives and a declaration of war by Josie Paulus.

Billie Eilish - Happier Than EverArtist: Billie Eilish
Album Name: Happier Than Ever
Release: 30.07.2021

With her debut Billie Eilish had cleared away, now comes with “Happier Than Ever” the second album. And that hardly makes any experiments and is what you could expect from the American. The melancholic, shuffling pop has long been her trademark and she is now expanding that further – with almost an hour of new music. Particularly noteworthy are the two hits “Therefore I Am” and “Happier Than Ever” at the end of the album.

Katie Drives - Fake Smiles [EP]Artist: Katie Drives
Album Name: Fake Smiles [EP]
Release: 06.08.2021

Katie Drives has mostly been active behind the scenes in the music industry. In lockdown 2020 she finished her first own songs, which now see the light of day on “Fake Smiles”. Two of the three tracks are rocking, but with “The Fear” the exciting EP ends thoughtfully.

Josie Paulus - Loud & Bold [EP] Artist: Josie Paulus
Album Name: Loud & Bold [EP]
Release: 06.08.2021

Josie Paulus really accelerates. With her EP “Loud & Bold” she mixes up the unfortunately still male-dominated rock music – with self-confidence and self-irony. The majority of “Loud & Bold” sounds like a declaration of war, but with “The Worst Part” Josie Paulus shows that she also masters the (at least partially) quiet tones.

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