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Anne Hathaway as a harbinger of summer – she surprises with “Dirty Blond” hair

As if the California sun had its hair brushed, Anne Hathaway shows herself with a new hair color. The actress has exchanged her characteristic brunette for a “Dirty Blond”.

Anne Hathaway is already wearing the new blonde

With her blond coloration, the Oscar winner now joins the ranks of all those who revive rich blonde as a hair color trend in 2021. Means: Away from shiny champagne and towards natural, almost understated shades. “Mousy” and caramel nuances are now coming into focus. However, if this seems too natural for you, take a look at the runway of Balmain. The fashion house shows how such a blond combines with rose-red lipstick, conjuring up the glam appeal of the 70s.

Anne Hathway’s new blond tone comes into its own thanks to her haircut – a longbob that emphasizes the color gradient in the hair particularly advantageously, in that the tips are kept lighter. The effect: A look that looks unagitated and summery fresh like “sunkissed”. Another advantage of color dynamics: It gives optically fine hair not only shine but also volume.

On the part of Anne Hathway, however, the Instagram post presenting the new hair color was chosen for a different and relevant occasion. It is intended to arouse interest in the US drinking water brand ZenWtr, which uses only recycled plastic for its packaging. To produce one of their bottles, up to five plastic bottles washed out of the ocean are recycled.

Anne Hathaway – the actress surprises with new hair color

Styling recommendation for blonde hair

Blonde hair tips – as can now also be admired at Anne Hathaway – receive a special styling note with the use of hair oils. Here, just a few drops are enough for a great effect. For an ideal dosage (too much would weigh the hair unnecessarily) put the oil in a dense hairbrush and use it to gently comb the tips. The effect: summer shine!

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