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TV warning for tonight: You can really save yourself this sci-fi double – despite the blockbuster ace on the director’s chair – Kino News

Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”, “2012”) is one of the most successful German filmmakers in Hollywood. We can only advise against “Stargate” and “Moon 44”, which RTL Nitro will be showing on August 3rd from 8.15pm …

Koch Films

You have to give Roland Emmerich one thing: He is one of the few German filmmakers who made it to the top of Hollywood’s A-League. Known above all for his disaster film blockbusters such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” or the alien invasion hit “Independence Day”, which fueled Will Smith’s breakthrough in the mid-90s, the Stuttgart-based dream factory was already approaching in the early 90s with slightly smaller science fiction adventures. And two of his early works will be shown in a double pack on TV tonight.

RTL Nitro will show “Stargate” on August 3, 2021 (8.15 p.m.) and then “Moon 44” (10:35 p.m.). However, we cannot really recommend either of the two films – if you still feel like it and miss the broadcasts, you can catch up on the films as a stream, among other things:

›› “Stargate” on Amazon Prime Video*
›› “Moon 44” on Amazon Prime Video*

“Stargate”: Sci-Fi nonsense – despite the cult factor

The Egyptologist Dr. One day Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is commissioned by the US military to investigate a mysterious artifact – a huge stone circle that was recovered as early as 1928 and is provided with mysterious characters that were previously considered untranslatable. But Jackson succeeds in deciphering the inscription – and comes across a clue that suggests a connection to an alien planet.

The “Stargate”, which includes Kurt Russell and Djimon Hounsou, among others, enjoys cult status in genre circles today, but was less well received by the specialist press. In any case, Ulrich Behrens hardly leaves a good hair on the film in the official FILMSTARTS review. Then In the end, the “very nice pictures” cannot hide the fact that the whole story “lacks logic and credibility”. In the end, there was just one of five possible stars for the visually staged, but content-wise sci-fi spectacle – and a very clear warning: hands off!

The FILMSTARTS review of “Stargate”

If you still want to take a look, you will at least see the Director’s Cut of “Stargate” on Nitro this evening – which is ten minutes longer than the theatrical version. And if you want to put it on the shelf, you can even look forward to a brand new collector’s edition on Blu-ray soon. Koch Films is releasing “Stargate” next October in four different mediabook editions.

“Moon 44”: Explosive early emmerich

Four years before “Stargate” and with just under a quarter of its budget, Emmerich staged “Moon 44” in 1990, in which the eponymous planet is of particularly great value for the entire galaxy. While a bitter war is raging over the last few raw materials, valuable natural resources are being mined on Moon 44, which are of great importance for the future of the galaxy and its inhabitants. But then one day the strange happenings on the planet begin to pile up …

Anyone who likes dark 90s science fiction will get explosive genre food with the prominent “Moon 44”, which today also has some fans. In terms of content, however, Emmerich’s Hollywood test is not really convincing – even niche film jack-of-all-trades Michael Paré and Malcolm McDowell (“Uhrwerk Orange”) can’t change that.

Reissue: One of the most iconic sci-fi franchises of all time just got even better

Sci-Fi fans with a preference for films from that time can take a cautious look, everyone else should at the latest from the rare one 0 percent rating at Rotten tomatoes be deterred (on MetaCritic there are at least 39 out of 100 possible points).



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