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This is what her 15 tattoos mean

She has already done it again: Singer Selena Gomez has now got her 15th tattoo. Each individual has a very special meaning. We’ll tell you what tattoos the “Taki Taki” artist has and what they mean.

You are a real Selena Gomez fan, but don’t know all her tattoos yet? But then it’s about time. Only recently she had a small anniversary: She got her 15th tattoo. But there is much more to know. You can find out exactly what all this is in this article.

This is what her 15 tattoos mean


This has been pierced on the neck under her right ear. It stands for their album “Rare”, which was released last year.

Praying hands

Everyone knows this motif. They are praying hands holding a chain. Selena Gomez has had this motif immortalized on her left thigh. This stands for their Christian faith.


A small arrow adorns her palm. A friendship tattoo with Julia Michaels after a concert.


Another Christian symbol on Selena’s body. The cross is her latest tattoo and has been stitched on her left collarbone.


This little tattoo has a very big meaning. It stands for the non-profit organization Project Semicolon, which advocates for mental health. She had it tattooed on her forearm.


This number stands for herself and her three closest friends. With this she has immortalized her closest friends on her body in the crook of her arm.


Another number that adorns her body. It stands for her best friend. Selena and Courtney Barry had the small number tattooed on the side of her upper body.


We already had the right neck under the ear. Now it’s also the turn of the left side. There is a small “g”. She had this done for her sister Gracie.


Their feet also carry color under the skin. So on her right foot it says “Sunshine”. Because Selena was so called by her grandmother, she had it immortalized on her body.


It is the year of birth of her mother. If you translate the Roman numerals, they stand for 1976. The tattoo can be seen very clearly in her neck.

Musical note

Because it’s her biggest influence in her life, she’s had it pierced under her skin. You can see it in pictures on her right wrist.

“Love yourself first”

In Arabic script, Selena Gomez had herself tattooed on the right ribs on the side. It stands for the fact that one should never forget oneself and should always love one’s body and oneself.

“God Who Strengthens Me”

She had this saying pierced on her right thigh – in English, of course. It is a verse from the Bible and stands for their faith.


What exactly this tattoo has to say, one does not know. One can only speculate about this. It adorns the back of her upper arm. However, it is speculated that it is because of her kidney transplant.

Om sign

Whether this is really a tattoo is unfortunately not confirmed. On some pictures of her, however, one could suspect it. The tattoo can easily be seen on her left thigh. Unfortunately, the meaning is also not really known. Already read? Kidney failure: Rapper Black Rob dies at the age of 51!

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