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“The Rock is a force of nature”

“Jungle Cruise”: In a Disney film, everything is curated down to the smallest detail

Actor Edgar Ramírez on his experience on the set of the Disney adventure film “Jungle Cruise” with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Emily Blunt.


In “Jungle Cruise” researcher Emily Blunt and Captain Dwayne Johnson try to save the world. But villain Aguirre alias Edgar Ramírez wants to torpedo their plans. Ramirez on The Rock on Set – and the adventure of a large-scale Disney production.

Highest paid actor in the world and buddy

Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is one of the big earners in the film business – and yet he is approachable and personable on the set. Edgar Ramírez (“Girl on the Train”): “He is full of gratitude and a true leader. A real ship captain and I really enjoyed my work with him. He is a force of nature. “

How it feels to be in the middle of an XXL Disney Pproduction, explains Edgar Ramírez in the above “blue News” interview.

The focus is on an old legend. It says that in the heart of the Amazon jungle there is a tree with miraculous and healing powers. But no one has been able to find him so far. Researcher Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) wants to change that, because these forces could mean huge advances in medicine.

Houghton goes on a search. At her side, Captain Frank (Dwayne Johnson). They stab a rickety boat and a darned boat trip on the Amazon takes its course.

Everyone who likes to immerse themselves in a Disney adventure for three hours. A feel-good movie for the whole family with a humorous shot and the rock in action.

To be seen at Disney + with VIP access and in the “blue cinema cinemas”.



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