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The End of Friendships: Jennifer Aniston Announces Vaccine Opponents

The end of friendships
Jennifer Aniston makes announcement to anti-vaccination activists

The discussion about the corona measures and a vaccination against the virus often causes discord, even in private circles. “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston is no different. She is making a hard cut to corona deniers and vaccine opponents, as she now reveals.

More than half of Germans are now vaccinated twice against the coronavirus. But skepticism about vaccination has not only spread among self-proclaimed lateral thinkers. Many people may have already experienced tough discussions in their private lives about how to deal with the corona pandemic. And in some cases, this may have already led to the division of people who used to be best friends.

Jennifer Aniston is no exception, as she reveals in an interview with the magazine “InStyle”. For them, the question of vaccination has even become a red line in their private lives.

“Fear and propaganda”

She spent a lot of time in the news about the corona crisis, says the 52-Year-old in the conversation. But at some point she had to stop, she explains. “We’ve all been tired of the news at some point during the pandemic, tired of the panic, and full of hope that we’ll eventually wake up and see a glimmer of hope, but all we experienced was increasing madness,” Aniston says.

Many people based their opinion only on “fear and propaganda”, the actress is sure. “There is still a large group of people who are anti-vaccination or simply don’t want to listen to facts. It’s really a shame,” says Aniston, making a tough announcement to those who don’t want to get vaccinated: “I’ve lost some people around me who have refused to get vaccinated or didn’t want to disclose it. (whether they are vaccinated). That was unfortunate.”

“Happy and privileged”

Aniston herself had already received her second dose of vaccine in May and shared the news with her fans on her Instagram page. “Fully vaccinated, and it feels so good,” she wrote at the time to a photo of herself. “We are extremely fortunate and privileged that we now have access to Covid-19 vaccines in the US,” she added. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. “My thoughts are with those who don’t have or won’t have the opportunity to get vaccinated, and I embrace their friends and families.”

In the USA, only just under 50 percent of people have been fully vaccinated so far. The proportion of people who are vaccinated at least once is not much higher at around 58 percent. As in Germany, there are anti-vaccinationists and skeptics in the United States.

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